10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries


Get Budgeting Help Before you start your grocery shop, it is important to know how much you can afford to spend. That is why many people seek help from professional financial planners, such as Debt Rescue , in order to help them develop a budget for their individual monetary situations.

Have a Plan

You will save a lot of money if you plan your meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day of the week. If you don’t have a plan, you tend to overspend and buy food products you could live without.

Shop at a Market

Farmer’s markets offer high quality fruit and vegetables at prices that are much more competitive than leading grocery stores. By purchasing your fruit and veg from these markets, you can potentially save loads of cash.

Buy at a Butcher

Butchers also offer quality meat, poultry and fish at prices that are more reasonable than the big name supermarkets. By buying your meats at a local butcher, you may be able to cut down some of your grocery costs.

Shop the Specials

Keep an eye out for specials when browsing the grocery aisles. Specials may include discounted prices for certain brands or buying a certain amount of products for a more competitive price.

Buy Home Brand

While we all have our favourite brands of foods, don’t ignore home brand products. They may not look as fancy, but home brand products are very similar to their big name associates and come at only a fraction of the price.

Buy in Bulk

Often, buying in bulk is cheaper per kilogram, gram or litre. Buying in bulk is useful for non-perishable products such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, frozen foods, and canned goods.

Check the Price Per Unit

When deciding what size of a product is best value, check the price per unit. Often supermarkets will display this information in small print on the product’s price card. Comparing the price per unit makes price comparison a lot easier.

Cut Down on Snacks

Although the most tempting, snacks are the least essential items on your grocery shop. While some snacks may be necessary for work or school lunches, don’t buy any snack items that you don’t need.

Favour Frozen Goods

Although fresh fruit and veg are ideal, they don’t last long. It is often better value to buy frozen fruit and vegetables as they last a very long time and are often snap frozen, meaning they are frozen immediately after they are picked. Sometimes these products are even fresher then regular fruit and vegetables. Armed with these money saving ideas, you can make your next grocery shop as valuable as possible. Do you have any other tips or tricks to save money on groceries?]]>