2 Tips For Winning The Lottery
2 Tips For Winning The Lottery

2 Tips For Winning The Lottery


For most people, the lottery offers an opportunity to change their current financial situation and living conditions. But aside from the mere prospect of winning, the thrill of playing the lottery itself is enough reason for some people to keep playing it. After all, it’s just a simple numbers game. All you have to do is choose and pick a combination of numbers and hope for the best.

Lottery Defined 

If you look up the definition of the lottery on the internet, you may find two different results. Both of which are interestingly significant. 

On the one hand, a lottery is a process whose success is governed by chance. On the other hand, it’s a means of raising money by selling numbered tickets. The first definition is true from a player or bettor’s perspective, while the second definition is true if you try to see it from the government’s perspective. That’s because governments allow lotteries as a means to collect funds that can be used for sports, education, charities, and other social projects. 

While the lottery seems fun and harmless, it’s definitely frustrating for someone who wants to win it. Like slot machine games or pokies, the lottery is purely a game of chance. Hence, the chances of winning the jackpot are pretty slim. However, you can increase your chances of winning with these tips below: 

  1. Buy More Tickets 

Your success is governed by chance. Thus, buying more tickets means more chances of winning. Betting on a set of numbers per draw doesn’t guarantee a win, but having 20 different sets of numbers would increase your chances.

This strategy has since been used by many lottery winners. A ticket seller such as Oz Lotteries has been selling lotto online since 2005 knows full well that more tickets equal more chances of winning. 

With that being said, here’s a list of winners who claimed to have cracked the code and bought more tickets to increase their chances: 

  • Jerry and Marge Selbee 

Jerry and Marge Selbee are an old retired couple who pocketed USD$26 million within nine years of winning in various state lottery games. During that same time, an MIT student and a researcher at Boston University discovered the same secret and subsequently used the same strategy as the old couple did. 

  • Richard Lustig 

Richard Lustig is a gambler who pocketed over a million dollars by winning seven lottery game grand prizes. Lustig’s tips to winning the lottery are as follows: 

  1. Don’t use “quick-pick” numbers or numbers that are generated by the store’s computer.  
  2. Go beyond calendar dates as to not decrease your chances by limiting your numbers from one to 31. 
  3. Stick to your handpicked set of numbers.  
  4. Play consistently. 
  5. Understand the odds, but know your limits. 
  • Stefan Mandel 

Stefan Mandel is a Romanian accountant who won 14 times in a row using a method he developed called ‘combinatorial condensation’. Mandel said that this method can accurately predict five out of the six winning lottery numbers. Thus, bringing the probabilities from one in millions to one in thousands. 

  1. Bet With Friends and Family 

If there’s any math to be done to crack the lottery code, that’s finding the common denominator between the prominent players mentioned above. After having discovered a loophole in the game, these people just couldn’t get enough tickets that they had to get their friends and families to buy more tickets too. 

This eventually led to a betting group or a lottery syndicate, as some may call it. The members pool their money to buy more tickets than they can on their own, increasing their chances of winning. If any of their combinations hit the jackpot, the members split the prize evenly. For example, a five-man lottery syndicate winning AUD$ 100 million means each will take home AUD$ 20 million.

Two Big Caveats

While many people swear on the tips explained here, it should be noted that they don’t guarantee success. As mentioned throughout this article, they’re only designed to increase your chances. If someone approaches you with a guaranteed way to win the jackpot, take their advice with a grain of salt. As with life, there are no guarantees in a lottery.

Another takeaway is that the lottery is, by no means, a substitute to your day job. With the odds being in the hundreds of millions, the lottery isn’t exactly a viable source of income. Remember to play responsibly: afford as many tickets as your finances allow. Don’t let it affect other aspects of your life to the point of ruin.

With that said, go ahead and try your luck in becoming the next millionaire!

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