4 Things You Didn’t Know About Toilets


The humble toilet is the kind of household item most people don’t think that much about until they really need one. It serves a vital purpose, one that has given it a reputation that is not entirely deserved. It bears many names – Throne, W.C., the Office – but it also bears many interesting facts. Here are 4 of them.

1. They Require More Looking After Than You Might Think

For many, the toilet represents an object that requires a cursory scrub and wipe down once a week. The truth is, while a cursory clean like this is effective in conjunction with a toilet duck or other slow-release disinfectant, you should be making sure that the seat and surrounding floors are also disinfected to ensure a healthy, germ-free environment for you, your family and your guests to use. Similarly, when toilet sewerage pipes get blocked, it’s important you get someone from a licensed professional like Nuflow Technologies to make any repairs to keep you from making any costly mistakes.

2. They’re Less Dirty Than Commercials Want You To Believe

Despite the cleaning advice about, the toilet is often considered to be the cleanest part of any bathroom. This is not to suggest that the toilet isn’t home to its fair share of germs (it is). But, on average, everything else around it is far grimier by comparison. Regular cleaning will help keep these bacteria and germs to a minimum. Closing the lid before flushing is also advisable, as the act of flushing sends billions of microscopic particles made up of waste matter into the air to land all over the room.

3. Your Toilet Uses 6 Litres Of Water In A Single Flush

Those who are conscious of water wastage should be aware that a single full flush of an average toilet uses about 6 litres of water. This is quite a bit of water when you have a home of more than two or three people. For larger families, the water usage from toilet flushes alone can represent a restricting proportion of the regular water bill. There are ways to limit this, including simply limiting toilet flushes to a certain amount per day depending on how many people you have living in the house (though this may not be the most hygienic option). Also be sure to use the half-flush option whenever practical to do so. Another option might be to install a water-saving cistern.

4. The Average Person Spends Around 3 Months Of Their Life On The Toilet

A truly concerning statistic, over the course of an average human lifespan, it is possible for a person to spend a total of three months on the toilet. Some findings suggest that this figure could actually be much larger too – possibly up to 3 years! Perhaps this is because of all the time spent scrolling Instagram or trying to get to the next level of Candy Crush while on the loo.

There are heaps of truly interesting facts around toilets – these are just a few of them. Surprise (and disgust?) your fellow readers with your favourite toilet facts in the comments below!