5 Great Reasons why Self Care is Essential


Penina is a young mother with a spouse, three young kids and a full time job. 

She has to take care of her family and still work, which makes it very exhausting.

When Penina was asked by her friend why she never creates some time off for herself, she laughed and responded,” I barely have time to take a shower, how should I create time for myself?

Self care is important for your mental health as well as your physical well-being. Most people have a lot of responsibility in life that they forget to take care of their own personal needs. 

The practice of selfcare makes you effective and energetic even though others think its inconsiderate or selfish.

So, why should you try and create time to take care of ourselves?

The Importance of Self Care 

  • Relieve stress

Stress can break down your mind, body and soul. This is why most people are advised to look for special treatments to relieve stress.

Other than exercising, you can go to spas, get massage and warm baths to soothe yourself.

Each time you carve out space to meet your own needs, you send a positive message to your body, which triggers the relaxation response.

Self care means that you need to keep your stress from taking over so that you can function at full capacity.

  • Better physical and mental health

Self care has a lot of benefits including better physical and mental health.

 Taking regular mental health breaks for self care can help you manage any signs of depression, anxiety and help you clear your mind.

Most people struggle with working out because there never seem to have enough time. Self care means taking time to workout or makes a healthy dinner to keep your muscle strong.

  • Enhanced self esteem

You need to treat yourself like you matter and have a great value.

Self care helps one maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as well as producing positive feelings. It also boost your confidence, reminding you that your needs are also important.

When you take time to take care of yourself, you discourage that critical inner voice and negative self-talk.

  • Increased self-knowledge

Self care requires one to think about what makes you happy, passionate and what really love. This will help you understand yourself better. 

You may look for new hobbies for example; you can play online casino games by using Syndicate bonus codes and get bonus for the games. 

Sometimes, self care can even spark a change in a career or abandoned hobbies. Things like taking up a new hobby or playing a new sport can make your life more purposeful.

  • Better productivity

We are less able to focus more, when we’re stressed.

When you learn to do things that excite you and start making time for things that you love and matter, you slow your life down in a great way.

Self care helps one bring their goals into sharper focus as well as help them concentrate on what they are doing.

Practice Self Care Regularly

Self care is a broad term that describes anything that you do and is good for you.

Taking care of yourself should be the backbone for getting things done and prevent the possibility of a burnout.