5 Items To Deck Out Your Lounge Room With


Soundbar  Soundbars have become a favourite among the space-conscious home theatre crowd. They can accomplish the same kind of immersion as a bulky 5.1 surround sound package, they feature state-of-the-art audio reproduction, they can be picked up from most home theatre specialists like Todds Hi Fi and, best of all, they’re only about as long as your arm. This means they’re able to comfortably fit on a shelf or inside an entertainment unit, keeping you from cluttering your living room with cables and speakers.


obviously, you’re going to need light in your living room. Again, positioning matters a great deal, but so does the kind of lighting. Lighting choices also provide another opportunity for personal flourishes. Do you prefer lamps or ceiling lighting? If lamps are your thing, do you prefer desk lamps or standing ones? Be particular about the type of bulb you use as well — some are brighter than others, some cast different colours. Maybe you’ll invest in a Wi-Fi bulb that allows you to alter the colour with your tablet or smartphone!


 It’s not a lounge room without comfortable chairs, is it? Typically, the lounge room is where you will find couches and arm chairs, but whether these will work for you comes down to how you’ll use the room. Couches are great for larger rooms. If you read or watch a lot of films, perhaps recliners are more your speed. The biggest factor, beyond comfort, when picking lounge seating is space. Can you fit your chair into the living room along with everything else? Have a tape measure handy so you can know for sure.


A great way to save space, or even display personal effects, is through creative storage spaces. Many entertainment units come with plenty of storage for appliances, cables and DVD cases. Investing in proper cabinetry might also be an option if you have some space left over and they aren’t going to clutter the room up. If you’re not the sentimental sort, it’s possible you could skip this step and save some space. But if you have family photos for display, this is a great way to inject a bit of style and personality into the room.  


This point follows on from the last in that personality is important when decking out your living room. If the room doesn’t have personality, you won’t want to spend time in there and all of this work will be moot. Having a theme, either in terms of colour or style, may help you to choose those objects that best reflect you and your personal brand.     How is your lounge room decked out? Are you more about home theatre or is it a room for quiet and calm? Share your ideas in the comments below.]]>