7 Advantages of Decorating With Vertical Blinds

7 Advantages of Decorating With Vertical Blinds

What you cover your windows with can make a huge difference to the look of each room in your home. In this post we’re going to be taking a look at vertical blindsand some of the key advantages you’ll experience when you choose to dress up your windows with them.

#1 – Vertical Blinds Come In a Great Range of Colours

Yep, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes, decor and home colour scheme when it comes to vertical blinds. You could play it safe and go for a neutral colour such as white, or be bold and really make a statement with stronger, darker colours such as maroon or even black. These could be great choices for bedrooms, so the early morning light doesn’t wake you before time.

Seriously, you can generally get just about any colour you like when it comes to vertical blinds. Colours like white or beige might be the most common, but there are loads of brighter, more vibrant options.

#2 – They Can Help To Absorb Sound

Unless you’re hanging really think curtains, when closed, vertical blinds tends to block out and absorb more outside noise than curtains and some other window coverings.

How much sound will be absorbed or repelled really depends on what kind of material the blinds are made of.

Blinds made with a honeycomb cellare designed for soundproofing. Well, sound reduction anyway. If you choose vertical blinds with honeycomb cells, you’ll know they’re blinds that definitely help to reduce outside noise.

#3 – Vertical Blinds Are Easy To Keep Clean

For starters, the strands or slats of the blinds are running vertically, which means there are no flat or horizontal surfaces for a film of dust to collect on; which can be a bit of a nuisance with horizontal blinds such as Venetians.

Some people opt to have their vertical blinds dry cleaned occasionally, depending on the material they’re made of.

Using the brush attachment for cleaning the upholstery of the car, you can also carefully vacuum your vertical blinds to remove any dust attached to them.

Often all you’ll really need to do is give them a light dusting with a cloth or feather duster.

#4 – Control Heat and Light With Ease

Just like Venetian blinds and louvered window shutters, you can easily control the angle of the blinds to let in more or less light as well as fresh air. If it’s too hot or light, close them right up and effectively block out the heat, light and noise.

A simple twist of a handle will change the angle, and opening the blinds up completely is an easy as gently pulling on a piece of cord.

#5 – Verticals Blinds Offer the Ultimate In Privacy

We spoke about adjusting the angle of the blinds to control light and heat, but this can also control how much privacy you have. Closing them up completely will give you the ultimate in privacy, but you don’t necessarily have to shut yourself off from the outside world completely to achieve this.

Keep the blinds at an angle of around 45 degrees or more and you’ll still allow natural light and air flow to enter the room without everyone passing by outside being able to see in.

It’s as simple as that.

#6 – The Straight Lines of Vertical Blinds Will Compliment Any Room

There’s something very simple and symmetrical about the look of vertical blinds that just seems to work well with all decor and furniture schemes. So long as the colour of the blinds matches or compliments your colour scheme, vertical blinds will be a hit in any room in the house.

Possibly some patterns and styles may date over time, but by their very design, vertical blinds in some form will likely never go out of fashion.

#7 – You Can Have Them Custom Made

If you don’t just buy the blinds straight off the shelf and go through a specialist blind supplier, you can have all your vertical blinds custom made to fit your windows perfectly. This also includes your choice of materials and colours.

Your supplier will professionally install your new blinds, so you can just kick back, relax and admire your home’s brand new look.

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