A List of Australia’s Most Popular Cultural Events


Australia took the 7th spot on the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s ranking of countries best equipped to welcome tourists in 2019. Among the 140 countries that went head to head, Australia landed in the top 10, thanks to its diverse landscapes, unique wildlife, and exciting cultural events. If you’re planning your next trip to this island of adventure, here is a list of the most popular cultural events it has to offer. You can attend these events in addition to the fascinating beaches and fun casinos Australia is known for; with Blackspins online casino, you’ll never miss your favourite casino games anyway.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is a gastronomic celebration of Victoria’s world-class food and wine industry. It’s a 10-day event held every year in March. The festival encompasses 300 events through Victoria when you can try gourmet fare, spoil yourself in regional long lunches, taste excitement at pop-up restaurants, and even learn signature dishes in masterclasses.

The festival’s bag of events changes every year, so there’s always something new to discover and learn. A highlight event is the world’s longest lunch, where you can gorge on delicious dishes at a table that’s more than 500 meters long. This festival is a must-try if you’re a foodie interested in meeting other food lovers and even celebrity chefs and personalities.


WOMADelaide (World of Music, Arts, and Dance) is a popular event that aims to promote multiculturism and environmentalism through a showcase of world music. It was introduced in 1992 as part of the Adelaide Festival. Every year in March, the event draws thousands of fans and close to 500 artists from all around the world.

You can attend the four-day event in Adelaide’s Botanic Park where you’ll get to hear live music from various genres and styles blasting from eight different stages. You can also participate in activities like forum discussions, cooking demonstrations, kid-friendly games and entertainment, and one that celebrates unity, diversity, and friendship through a huge colourful explosion.

Perth International Arts Festival

Launched all the way back in 1953, the Perth International Arts Festival is Australia’s longest-running international arts festival. Attracting 500,000 people each year, it’s considered

to be Western Australia’s foremost cultural event. It lasts three weeks and offers everything from street arts, visual arts, contemporary and classical music, and dance to theatre, and family events. 

The festival also includes the Lotterywest Film Festival and the Perth Writers Festival. While the festival runs every year from February to March, the Perth Writers Festival is organized in February, and the Lotterywest Film Festival is held from November to April.

Woodford Folk Festival

The Woodford Folk Festival is Australia’s most celebrated folk music festival. This eccentric event draws an overwhelming 2000 local, national, and international performers each year. Visitors participate in more than 430 events like debates, folk medicine, street theatre, concerts, writer’s panels, films, craft workshops, and even parades.

It’s held in the semi-rural town of Woodford located 72 km north of Brisbane and spans across six exciting days leading up to New Year. Artists play at over 25 different venues within the festival grounds. On New Year’s day, the sparkling event culminates with a sensational fire event.

Tropfest Australia

Tropfest was founded in 1993 and has since become the largest short film festival in the world. It attracts more than 70,000 spectators along with thousands of others who have their eyes glued to live broadcasts.

It receives more than 700 entries out of which only 16 make it to the finals and are screened live. You can enjoy the festival at night with deck chairs or picnic rugs and also music, entertainment, and food stalls. Past judging panels have included celebrities like Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and Baz Luhrmann.