A Map to Migration: Settling in Australia


Making the decision to move abroad and settle in Australia is an enormous step. Fortunately you are not alone, and there are a variety of services and professionals available to help you with your move. Seeking the advice of a migration agent in Melbourne is the first step in preparing for your new life in Australia. Follow these other simple tips and tricks, to help settle into your new home.

Visa Options

If you are looking to work in Australia, it is important to research which visa you will need. If you have skills and qualifications that are in demand in Australia, you can be nominated for a skilled visa by the Australian Government or by a state or territory government. Otherwise, you can also be nominated for a skilled visa by a prospective employer.

There are a range of skilled worker visas available, including those for temporary skill shortages or as sponsored through the regional sponsored migration scheme. As there are specific requirements and entry-level criteria for each visa option, it is imperative to talk to a registered migration agent, for expert advice.

Qualification Recognition

Having your skills and qualifications recognised can be difficult when moving to a new country. Fortunately, Australia has many avenues available to assist new migrants with qualification recognition. Services and experts such as education consultants, can assess your overseas qualification, and guide you through the process involved in achieving overseas qualification recognition in Australia.

If you are hoping to continue your University education in Australia, you will need to convert your high school qualification into an ATAR score. This ranking will determine which degrees you may be eligible to commence at an Australian University. Many institutions have admissions centres, which will be able to convert your high school scores into an ATAR.

A Place to Call Home

There are many beautiful cities and towns in Australia, each with their own unique attractions and locals. Before settling in Australia it is vital research with state or territory you would like to move to. For many newcomers, this will be dictated by their line of work. For those with room to choose, researching the major cities and states, can ensure you make the right choice.

If you will be renting or purchasing a property after your move to Australia, it is important to bring along previous references, bank account details and identification. This means you will be in a position to submit your application immediately when you find your dream home or apartment.

Money, Money, Money

One of the most important steps of settling in to any new country, is ensuring that your financials are up to date. It is therefore crucial to transfer your money into the Australian dollar, and to open an Australian bank account.

Many employers will require an Australian bank account to pay your wage, and Government benefits can only be transferred into Australian accounts. Most landlords will also require evidence of an Australian bank account in order to approve you for a lease.

Native Language

If English is not your first language, it can be a good idea to brush up on your language skills before settling in Australia. Having a firm grasp on the English language can help new migrants settle in quicker, and can help ease some of the culture shock associated with a big move.

Fortunately, Australia offers many language services for new migrants; and most of them are free! Migration service providers offer Adult Migrant Language Programs and other initiatives, to help newcomers master the most common language spoken in Australia.


By following these simple tips, you can fulfill your dream of moving abroad and settling in Australia.

Laura Costello is a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Law/International Relations at Latrobe University. She is passionate about the law, the power of social media, and the ability to translate her knowledge of both common and complex legal topics to readers across a variety of mediums, in a way that is easy to understand.