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Firstly, Courtney congratulations on your success this far. Could you please give the readers a little insight with your experience in the Miss Universe contest and the road to the state finals?  I actually competed in the pageant last year, but unfortunately only made it through to preliminaries. After that I decided it was my mission to make it through this years and spent the remainder of last year trying to improve my pageant skills. After being a state finalist in Miss World and a national finalist in Miss Tourism, I entered Miss Universe again this year and made it to state finals! So it has been a long road for me to get here! I will compete in the state finals on June 6th at Jupiter’s Casino. I have been very lucky and have received sponsorship by local Gold Coast businesses, Luxe Lane and Gearbox Oasis have provided me with my dresses for the event which I can’t wait to show off! How did you first get involved with Miss Universe? I had been modelling for several years and I wanted to try something a bit different that would challenge me. One of my friends suggested that I try Miss Universe. After Have you done anything like this before?  I have been modelling for years and I am currently signed with Katz Management, but last year was the first time I had ever competed in a pageant.   What makes the Miss Universe competition exciting for you?  It is a great chance to have some fun, put yourself out there and make some amazing memories and lasting friends! To get to the finals you have to stand out in the crowd. What would you say makes you “sparkle”?   I think my confidence and ease on stage would be my “sparkle”! If I could give a tip to any girl wanting to get into pageants or the modelling world, it would have to be to look as confident as possible when you are on stage, even if you are terrified on the inside. Confidence in yourself and your abilities is so important. I also love public speaking which comes in handy at question and answer time! In your eyes, what makes a good Miss Universe competitor? Definitely someone who is confident and comfortable with who they are. What motivates you to be successful?  My parents both have amazing drive and work ethic and they have strongly instilled those qualities in me. If I get in my mind that I want to do something, I just go ahead and do it. I think that attitude is very reflective of both my parents. So thanks Mum and Dad! Who do you consider as role models, past or present?  Audrey Hepburn. I think her effortless style, class and sophistication made her the perfect woman. She had such a glamorous poise and grace about her that I don’t think we see in many women today. She had respect not only for herself but for everyone around her. Her philanthropic endeavours are inspirational, and again she is a woman who suffered with her own personal issues, yet didn’t let them affect her and instead spent a large portion of her life focusing on others. What is the most important rule in achieving greatness?   Figure out what your dream is and work your everything off to make it happen! Never take no for an answer. As far as I am concerned, “No” isn’t a final answer, it is a platform for negotiations! Also never let anyone tell you to give up your dream, no matter how crazy it might seem. What role do your friends and family play in your success?  My family play a vital role in my success. My Mum in particular has always encouraged me to follow my passion and has supported me through very decision I have ever made. Without my Mum and the rest of my family supporting me through the ups and the downs, I can’t imagine being where I am today.   Where do you see yourself in 5 years from today?  That is a little bit of a secret! I have a very ambitious and detailed 5 year career plan that I am working towards. Other than my career I try not to plan ahead, I like to live in the moment. When I was younger I had every detail of my life worked out, but I have had a lot of surprises thrown my way, both good and bad, which have made me realise that planning everything is just not realistic or enjoyable! I am looking forward to finding out where my life takes me in 5 years, but I am in no rush to get there! Courtney’s best friend, Miss Danni Johnson, Miss Galaxy Australia 2012, will be one of Courtney’s supporters on the day of the Miss Universe Australia QLD State Finals. We had a chat with Danni about her experience, thoughts and advice to Courtney and the other Miss Universe Australia contestants. Danni Johnson Firstly Danni, tell us what sets the Miss Galaxy and Miss Universe pageants apart and makes them unique? Miss Universe is obviously are more established pageant in Australia, while the Galaxy Pageant system is still very much in its infancy here. Miss Galaxy puts a large emphasis on philanthropic and community involvements and aims to encourage its entrants to be very well-rounded in that aspect. To me the “Miss Universe” brand is probably a sexier, and more modelling focused pageant, which contributes to its strong appeal to aspiring Aussie models. Do you one day hope to compete in Miss Universe Australia? I do, next year hopefully. I’ve never been involved in Miss Universe on any level before, so I’m looking forward to seeing how I go in a system that’s completely new to me. I have a dream of Courtney handing me the crown in 2014, just like other best-friend duo, Sherri-Lee Biggs and Renae Ayris in 2012. What do you do when you aren’t competing in pageants? I’m currently undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce with Majors in Business Law and Marketing. I’m also a bit of a health nut and love anything to do with health & fitness and food. Do you have any advice to offer Courtney or the other contestants as the former Miss Galaxy Australia? I found it was really important to have a strong sense of self, know your strengths and sell them as often as you’re able. Ultimately, it’s an extremely competitive job interview and it’s up to you to show your ‘shine’. What is it like having both yourself and your best friend involved in the modelling industry and beauty pageants? I love that she’s also involved in the modelling industry and pageants. We’re able to bounce ideas off each other and hold each other’s hands through everything because we know exactly what it’s like to be in those positions. Is there any competition between the two of you? There definitely used to be, but not anymore! As we’ve spent the last 5 years growing together and experiencing the industry together, we’ve learnt how valuable having a best friend who’s not only in, but understands, the industry. It’s just as important to me to see her succeed as it is to be successful in my own right. If anything, I’d say we now give each other a leg-up and help each other to do well. Do you think Courtney has a chance of becoming the next Miss Universe Australia? Why? I definitely do! Not to give her a big head when she reads this, but besides the fact that she’s naturally gorgeous and has the typical Australian girl-next-door look, Courtney is one of the smartest and most-ambitious women I know. She’s got the benefit of experience in pageants and on stage and a naturally charismatic and confident personality – I can’t think of anything the judges would be looking for, that she doesn’t embody. If you could say one last thing to Courtney before she competes in the QLD State finals, what would it be? That I love her, am so proud of her and that I consider myself very lucky to call her my best friend! She’s going to be amazing in the Queensland State Finals, and I’m already packing my bags to see her compete in Miss Universe Australia in Melbourne.]]>


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