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Bedroom styling tips for beginners

Invest in a Quality Bed and Bedding Your bed is the building block to the rest of your room, and having a good quality one will improve how you feel about the entire space. Given how much time is spent lying down, you need to feel comfortable with what you’ve chosen. Begin with a search for a quality mattress from stores like Latex Mattress Australia and find an accompanying frame that suits your taste. When it comes to choosing your bedspreads, you won’t need to invest so much money, but you do need choose fabrics that are breathable; Egyptian cotton with a 250 thread count will feel divine.

Hang Your Artwork at the Right Height

Artwork that is positioned too high on a wall is a common mistake made by beginner stylists. While you might feel inclined to place it higher when the ceiling soars, you’ll find that you have to tilt your head to look at the piece or step back to see it in full view. You’ll notice that the artwork will become a detached object from the furniture, rather than a complementary feature. There is a general rule when it comes to placing artwork: Relate it to human scale, not the room’s scale. Tip: If you are hanging your art near a door, line the top of the picture with the top of the door.

Add Life with Indoor Plants

According the age-old philosophy of feng shui, decorating a room with plants encourages a balance of energies, creating tranquillity throughout the space. Plants also reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and increase the amount of oxygen circulating in the air through photosynthesis. Search for indoor potted plants or build in some hooks on the ceiling to attach some lovely hanging pots.

Avoid Themes

Being on-trend is good and well, as long as you don’t get sick of it by the next season. While you might be in love with that nautical theme now and want to put stripes on everything, you need to think long-term. Choose a style that truly reflects your personality, not a hot right now fad.

What are your styling tips? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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