Best Beaches: 6 Iconic Destinations Every Aussie Must See?

Best Beaches: 6 Iconic Destinations Every Aussie Must See

When it comes to a seaside holiday, we Aussies are somewhat spoiled for choice. I mean, one of the great advantages of being a large island country and continent is that we have one of the largest expanses of coastline and some of the most beautiful beaches in not just the Southern Hemisphere, but also probably, the world. 

While there is enough sand for you to visit a different patch every day, you still wouldn’t get them all done in a year. In truth,  it would take you over 2 and a half decades to do them all – 27 and a half years to be exact.

Nevertheless, while our coastline is indeed splendid, I would like to point out a few iconic gems that every Aussie should encounter, not just the tourists. 

So let me guide you around this gorgeous land and remind you of all the beauty that so many of our tourists see. 

The Whitsunday Islands

If you’re looking for some of the best sand and sun in Australia, there is nothing more iconic than the Whitsundays for the holidays or a romantic getaway.

Your most opportune time, to avoid crowds and the major heat, is from November to December, when the northerly still provides warm weather, but it’s not stifling, and most of the school holiday levels have died down. 

Enjoy some of the most pristine sandy beaches, from Airlie Beach to Daydream and Hamilton Island, which are popular with many; from families to even if you’re a couple on their honeymoon, and you’re looking to relax on the beach and laze the days away. 

Bells Beach

Now, if you’re a person who’s a fanatic for the world of surfing, particularly professional, you can’t go past this natural landmark. 

Located near Torquay, upon another of Australia’s majestic watersheds – the Great Ocean Road – Bells Beach is just 100km South-West of Melbourne. 

Bells is also home to the Rip Curl Pro, the world’s longest-running continuous surf competition. While previously under a different name, this competition has been running for 60 years!

Nevertheless, whether you’re a beginner, a recreational surfer or a pro who is aiming to get their hands on that trophy, Bells offers something for everyone. 

Bondi Beach

These days, one would say that tourists pack Bondi more than any other beach in Australia. Much like Victoria has Bells, New South Wales has Bondi.

However, if you grew up in the New South Wales capital, one may say you weren’t a true Sydney-sider if you haven’t felt its waves. 

Expanding the coastline and near Sydney’s CBD, this stretch of beach, if not one of Australia’s most picturesque, is certainly one of its busiest. 

In the summer months, this sandy seaside can pack up to 40,000 people in one day, and it is home to the oldest surf life-saving club in the world. 

Wineglass Bay

This secluded beauty is a perfect getaway if you want a beach haven that isn’t so packed. 

Located in Tasmania, and so named for the shape the bay forms along the peninsula, it is a beautiful picturesque lookout and is only a few hours drive south of Hobart.

The name does encompass some dark history, due to the former whaling trade, which would turn the waters a rich wine red. 

However, it is now encompassed within the national park and the only things captured now are memories, as it is the most photographed viewpoint in Tassie

Cable Beach

This beach, located near Broome in WA, is where the desert meets the sea. It was so named after the communication cables that stretched out to Java in Indonesia during the late 19th century. 

It is here where you can soak in some of the beauty of the northern part of Australia’s western and largest state in some unique ways.

Not only can you experience a gorgeous top-end sunset, but you can also swim in warm waters after taking a camel ride.  

There are also opportunities for snorkelling and paddling your feet, just be mindful of your time of visit, as, during the wet season of November to April, dangerous jellyfish often swim in the waters. 

Surfer’s Paradise

While it has become a major tourist hotspot on one’s trip to Queensland, it is fair to say that I can’t round off a list of iconic Australian beaches without mentioning this major stretch of sand. 

Located on Queensland’s Gold Coast and commonly known as “Surfer’s” to the locals and many Aussies, it is a main attraction for its title crowd as well as families. 

With a central location for shopping, cafes and all other amenities one may need, you have the best of both worlds in the sun, surf and street. 

So, when you are looking for a sandy landmark on this wide coastline of ours, don’t just leave it to international tourists to explore, get out there and soak up our great Southern land and enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

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