Bringing fun and style back to swimwear with a touch of EleganSea

Breaking The Rules with EleganSea


Bringing the fun and style back to swimwear with a touch of Elegan Sea today as part of our Designers Corner series we chat with Anastasiya the founder and designer of EleganSea a new player on the market who’s changing the status quo, bringing head turning pops of colour, the underlying focus on flattering fashions, comfort and a women’s perspective together in a range of unique and stylish swimwear.

We truly are the lucky country; we live in the land of never ending beaches, sunshine, surf and crystal clear skies. Surely this has something to do with why the average Australian woman has more bikinis in her collection than days of the week.

But it’s not all smooth swimming, and Instagram shots, along with this comes a set of challenges women face getting the right fit, style and shape of bikini and sometimes feeling a little uncomfortable or unheard on what women want from their swimwear.

The iconic models of the ’90s inspired our first collection with looks like the Elle, Cindy, Kate, Christy, Claudia and Naomi all making up the headliners for the range.The collection is designed to be perfect for any occasion, whether you are going to the beach or relaxing with friends by the pool, we know our swimwear will flatter and make you feel stylish anytime without sacrificing on all-important comfort.

Breaking The Rules with EleganSea

EleganSea is designed in Australia only using the highest quality materials to create our stand out eye-catching and bright styles. Our customers can feel confident and find their tropical style with the addition of mix and match bikinis. We have a passion for promoting flattering swimwear in bright colours. I have always been in love with chic yet straightforward styles and vivid colours. You will rarely catch me wearing any dark colours at all. I believe that bright colours stimulate positive vibes and positive thinking and this is what EleganSea is all about with the perfect balance of elegance and on-trend styles.

Well, I have been dreaming about designing since I was a little girl. When I was growing up, my Mum had a sewing machine and used to help me make my own clothes.I became more addicted when I took sewing classes in primary school from that time on I’ve always wanted to design or make something of my own.My dream has been sort of haunting me for many years; It became apparent that the corporate life just wasn’t for me and I would regret not taking the chance to pursue my dream and chase my potential. So I made the big jump and EleganSea was born.

My coffee table was always covered in design sheets and coloured pencils, but my first actual design was our ELLE swimsuit in blue & white. One of my favourite pieces that I designed to sculpture to a women’s shape in all the right places. And it’s still my favourite when I’m off to the beach. I love it – after all, it was my firstborn.

Fashion is a comprehensive phenomenon. It goes beyond garments and implies lifestyle and is your way of expressing yourself. Embracing your particular style can make you feel empowered and more confident.

We’re on all the socials @ EleganSea, and it’s a great way to join our journey and get the latest on all our products, sales and events. or you can also visit

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