Cancellations Of Sporting Events In Australia: What Could This Mean For The Industry In 2020?


As the number of new cases continues to increase across the globe, measures are being taken to restrict the spread of the virus. With multiple travel restrictions as well as the postponement or complete cancellation of sporting events, there have been many steps taken to prevent the ongoing outbreak. In this article, we will be looking into what these cancellations could mean for the sporting industry in 2020.

The Impact On The World                 

As the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise, the world has taken drastic action to further prevent the spread. With the closing of restaurants and bars in numerous European countries such as the announcement of recent school closures in the UK, the impact this is having is unprecedented. Not only has it affected people over time in terms of quality of life, but it has also permanently altered social behaviours, at least for the foreseeable future. This has also been evident in sport as all major football leagues in the UK and internationally have been either postponed or moved to next year. However, there are still several other sporting events that are still ongoing but without fans being present.

Champions By Default

After games four and five of the final series were called off the Perth Wildcats have been awarded the NBL title. Leading 2-1 when the Sydney Kings decided not to travel, this leads to then receiving the title by default. Though this is not the most gratifying victory for the team, this is a title that was well deserved. However, with uncertainty surrounding several other events in the Australian sporting calendar, who knows how long this will last for. Additionally, several other sporting events may also be cancelled making this a difficult time for sporting event organisers and teams around the world. Though this is disheartening for sports fans this is a difficult time for all those involved, not only for the health of the players but also for the health of the audiences. In addition, travel restrictions are also causing havoc on international matchups as many sports begin to postpone until the latter part of 2020.

The Affect On Australian Football

The Football Federation of Australia has announced that the remaining six weeks of the A-league will go ahead. In addition, the W-League final will also take place, however, all matches will be held behind closed doors. This is great for those looking to invest in sports betting, however, the experience will be slightly different. With no way of watching these events live, it will be the final results that can lead to a win or a loss. Though this may seem worrying for some players involved, it is important to note that this situation is being constantly monitored. The AFL has said that if just one player within the league tests positive for the Covid-19 virus, they will close down for at least 14 days. This is crucial to the success of the league as the safety of the players are of the utmost importance.

NRL Behind Closed Doors

The final sporting event that has seen disruption at the hand of Covid-19 is the NRL rugby league. This has continued as planned with no restriction on fans planning to watch the games. However, the round two matches will be played behind closed doors from this point on. On Monday, when asked about the NRL League CEO Todd Greenberg had this to say:

“Due to the quick-moving nature of the outbreak, it was keeping an open mind and would move in line with any further advice from the government and health authorities.”

Therefore, there could be future restrictions on this in the near future as several major sporting event organisers begin to make the switch to postponing or completely cancelling all major events as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.