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Casino Slang Words You Should Know Before Visiting One

The gambling industry has drastically changed the perspective and the outlook of gaming today by offering the players with a spectacular gaming platform to try and explore a wide range of casino games. The casinos all around the globe offer the players with a variety of games which include slot, table, scratch cards, instant-play and live casino games.


Well, the thrill of gaming is certainly to be doubled, if you are familiar with the gaming terms which are used while playing the different casino games.


The vocabulary used in a casino is undoubtedly one of the most interesting areas when it comes to language learning predominantly for the entertainment section. Casino vocabulary is indeed confusing especially if you have just begun exploring the games offered at various casinos worldwide.


If you are a beginner and plan to visit a casino, then the following terms might be of great help to start off playing the casino games.


Action: This term is used to describe the bets which are placed while playing the various casino games. It is mostly used while playing table games and is synonymous with ‘betting’. This term also acts as a reminder to the dealer that the players are now in a position to place their bet.


Ante: This refers to a bet which the player has to place before the other player could place so that there is enough money to go on with the game.


Bankroll: This refers to a sum of money which you are willing to gamble by playing the various casino games offered by the casinos. Before you resume playing at a casino, it is always advisable that you have a bankroll.


Betting Limits: This term is indeed self-explanatory as it includes the limit of bets the players can place while playing slot games. The slot games usually have a betting limit of 10/20 cents or   $1 and the maximum bet is a multiple of this. For instance, if the minimum betting limit is set to $1, then, the maximum limit would be 5 x or 5 $.


Blind Bet: This term is used in the game of poker where the player places his bet without knowing which card will come next.


The Cage: A place where the casinos keep all its money.


ColorUp: This implies to the casino chips that the players receive to play the casino games. The term ColorUp is used to exchange the chips of smaller value to a larger one. Usually, the players do this during the end of the game as it is easier to encash it later.


Eye-in-the-sky: In online casinos, there are surveillance cameras installed which records all the gaming actions of the players and which also notices cheating and misbehaviour of the players.


Fish: The term ‘fish’ is used to describe a new player who is just new to the world of gambling.


Hit me: It is a term used in the game of blackjack indicating the dealer that the player requires another card.


Junket: This refers to a group of high-roll and experienced players who are taken in a chartered plane at the casino’s expense.


Overlay: This term is used when the gaming situation is in favour of the gambler, in other words, the player. The players tend to receive higher payouts than the sum of his bet if he wins.


Toke: This refers to the tips given to the dealers which are usually seen in large casinos. You might be referred to as ‘George’ meaning a person who tips well or a ‘Stiff’ meaning a person who does not tip well.

86’d (eighty-sixed): Being eighty-sixed means to be thrown out of the casino for unpleasant behaviour.


Getting a hang of these terms can definitely make gaming stimulating and engrossing. Also, you certainly tend to be self-assured and more confident while playing the various casino games.


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