Celebrities Turn To The ‘Lunchtime Facelift’ To Stay Looking Youthful


Australian women are ageing at a rate that’s 20 years quicker than other nations, according to researchers at Monash University. If you’re experiencing premature ageing of the skin, crow’s feet, and fine lines around your mouth, then you’re probably looking for a fast and effective way to restore your skin to what it once was. There’s no need to look any further as lunchtime facelifts have become one of the biggest celebrity cosmetic trends of 2019, with the likes of Hailey Bieber and Simon Cowell raving about them.

What is a lunchtime facelift?

Lunchtime facelifts have earned their name as they typically take less than one hour to carry out. These types of facelifts are non-invasive, provide fast results, and there’s no downtime, meaning that if you’re one of the 32% of Australians that are ‘too busy’ you can squeeze one into your day. There are different kinds of lunchtime facelifts to consider. The first is where injectables are placed into the face to plump up the skin and soften the appearance of the face. Injectables are popular as they can reduce the impact of wrinkles on your skin by relaxing the muscles in the facial region. Alternatively, some lunchtime facelifts use thread to lift the skin up and make it appear younger.

Which celebrities are having them?

Hailey Bieber has openly admitted that she is a fan of the lunchtime facelift. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that 22-year-old Bieber has platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments regularly injected into her face to keep the signs of ageing at bay. PRP involves blood being taken from the body. The platelets are then separated and injected into the face to stimulate the growth of collagen and to encourage the growth of new skin cells. Each procedure takes between 45 to 90 minutes which is perfect for starlets such as Bieber who has endless photoshoots to attend. Music mogul, Simon Cowell, on the other hand, has confessed to having a bioplastic-infused thread facelift which is where a thread is sewn into the face and tugged to give the face a lift. While he admitted the 45-minute procedure did hurt, he said that he doesn’t regret it as it got rid of the sun damage on his skin and cleared out his pores.

Are they worth it?

You’re probably wondering whether a procedure which takes so little time is really worth it. If you want to see immediate results for a fraction of the price of a standard facelift, then you decide. PRP comes with an average price tag of $550, whereas threading facelifts typically cost $1,500. In comparison, a full facelift costs upward of $35,000. The results of a lunchtime facelift are impressive, too, with PRP lasting up to 2 years and threading up to 3 years.

Lunchtime facelifts are the ideal cosmetic treatment for busy Australians to turn to when they need to rejuvenate their appearance. Tried, tested, and loved by multiple celebrities, lunchtime facelifts are quick, affordable, effective and promise to leave you looking younger than your years.

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