Changes in the Video Game Industry

World of Warships a graphic intense game free for use with in-game purchases, But not only can we entertain from home with the internet or enter other worlds with virtual reality we can play games of chance and gamble and make real world money from the comfort of our living room Betting Services or Online Casinos are popping up everywhere. So as people retreat from social media and move into social gaming 2017 is set to be a defining experience in the area of video games.  2016 also saw the kick-off of social augmented gaming with the release of Pokemon Go A massive phenomenon that petered out but for a few weeks it was the biggest thing in gaming, but not only that dominated the news and entertainment landscape its amazing what nostalgia and a mobile phone can do. Nintendo also made waves with the return of NES in an updated model which was the ideal Christmas gift and then for this year the launch of the Nintendo Switch be sure to check them out So expect to see more of these titles try and move not jus into our living rooms but everyday life as they want to capture our attention and wallets all at the same time  ]]>


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