A Chat with Olivia Wells Miss Universe Aus


It’s a moment that over 20000 girls from around the country, had crossed their fingers and toes they would be a part of, but there could only be one winner, and this year it was Olivia Wells.
Miss Universe Australia 2013 is not your typical pageant queen. There will be no YouTube horror moments for this medical student, embodying both beauty and brains and has made it her mission to banish the age old stereotype, and make it very clear that the two are not mutually exclusive.
The Victorian born Olivia knew from the age of two years old, that a career in medicine was her calling. One may ask, how does a sporty, medical student make the transition to beauty queen? Olivia tells us that it was a very last minute decision. “I didn’t actually decide to enter until I clicked send on my application,” Olivia laughs as she explains her entry to the Miss Universe Australia competition was merely for fun. “Ever since I was a little girl I was always super bouncy and into everything, and loved trying new things and challenging myself, so entering Miss Universe was just another avenue I hadn’t explored yet.”
After entering, at the time a procrastination method to avoid doing an assignment, Olivia was then selected to compete in the Victorian preliminary heats, then the Victorian state finals and was then chosen to be one of the seven finalists to represent Victoria at the Australian National Final which was held in her home tome of Melbourne on July 12. The national finals week might create an image of backstabbing beauty queens sabotaging each other’s dresses, or answering every question with ‘world peace’ in the hopes of taking home the 1.5 million dollar, diamond encrusted crown, but Olivia tells us this was not the case. “I was a little nervous to meet all the other contestants, as I thought they would all be really competitive, but everyone was just so lovely! I made a lot of great friends that week”
Olivia went largely unnoticed by the media and other contestants during the week, with the main focus primarily on the first runner up, but Olivia proved to never underestimate the underdog! After looking glowing and healthy in the bikini segment and nailing the question and answer portion, Olivia was crowned Miss Universe Australia 2013.
While the national final ceremony was the end of the road for the remaining 29 contestants, it was only the beginning for Miss Wells, however she says she won’t be changing a lot of her routine to get international pageant ready, “I will just be doing what I have done my whole life, exercising and eating a balanced diet, and being me, just like I always have.”
Being happy with who you are, was a point that Olivia made sure she stressed repeatedly during the interview, and is a message she is planning on making very clear throughout her rein. Pointing out that she is not your typical size 0, appearance obsessed beauty queen, she is very happy with the woman she is and encourages others to feel the same about themselves.
“People rip off the pretty wrapping really quickly, and the only thing that matters then is who you are as a person, your values and morals, how you treat others and more importantly how you treat yourself is all that really matters at the end of the day.”
The future paediatric surgeon also says she is not a fan of fad diets. “They don’t work. They are often more unhealthy than healthy and do more harm than good,” says Olivia. She continues by saying girls should aim to be whatever size they are naturally and focus more on enjoying your life. Olivia strongly encourages women not to deprive themselves of treats, “I will still be going to all my favourite restaurants and eating my favourite baked Alaska in the lead up to the international pageant,” Wells laughs.
In the midst of preparing (enjoying yummy food) for the international pageant which will be held in Moscow in November this year, Olivia will also have her turn on the other side of the judging panel at the Victorian preliminary heats. She kindly gave out a few words of advice to the future contestants, and spills the beans on what she will be looking for: “It will be all about confidence for me. I will particularly be looking for a girl who is confident in her own skin and will potentially make a great role model, and will be able to represent both men and women of all sizes, ages and backgrounds. Someone who can embody all of that is to me the perfect potential Miss Universe 2014. And I will go on record saying that I will not be knocking off points if she is not a perfect size 0, as long as she is confident and clearly loves herself the way she is. It takes a special kind of person to be confident in whom they are and be able to exude inner beauty.”