Check Out These Top Australian Sports Today


Australia’s love for sports is so deep that the country is getting recognition outside its borders for its great skill in the field, especially in cricket and swimming. And with the world slowly opening back up again, spectating these beloved sports should be back on everyone’s to-do list.

So, before you check out this page for the best online casinos, take a peek at some of the country’s most famous sports and see why they’ve captured the hearts of the Aussie crowd.

1. Swimming

2. Tennis

3. Cricket

4. Rugby

5. Football


First on our list is swimming, which is considered one of the most popular sports in Australia. With an average participation of around 3.1 million Aussies annually, there is no wonder why this sport is at the top of the list.

Not only is Australia’s competitive swimming strong within their waters, but has netted the country several Olympic gold medals over the years. The country’s love for the sea and waves also reflects in its competitive surfing community, which is seeing great exposure and a rise in popularity.


Tennis is another beloved sport in Australia, commanding a significant following in both spectator numbers and participants of the sport. As of late, nearly a million Australians have taken up a racket and participated in tennis matches, with no signs of stopping.

Additionally, Australia is the host of one of the four Grand Slam events held annually, becoming an integral part of the global tennis scene. Known as the Australian Open, the event, along with several Pre-Open tourneys, always see a strong audience, with the 2019 Australian Open receiving an average of 800,000 live spectators and 1.6 million viewers.


Considered as the national sport for the summer, cricket is played in Australia as both a competitive sport and a relaxing get-together on beaches or parks. Over 1.5 million Aussies enjoy playing the sport, ranging from kids to men and women. The audience is greatly diversified in that there are several leagues and tournaments that cater to a specific demographic.

In the 2010-2011 calendar year, audience data showed that almost 94% of Aussies watch some cricket, proving the country’s adoration for the sport. The 2015 Cricket World Cup Finals, where Australia beat New Zealand, is recorded as one of the most-viewed matches in history, with over 4.2 million viewers.

As for the competitive scene, the Australian national team is recognized as a strong team internationally, ranking among the top 5 in test matches, one-day internationals, and twenty20 internationals.


Divided between the Ruby Union and the National Rugby League, fans of the sport are spoiled for choice when it comes to filling in that contact sports itch. While both follow a general set of rules, each of them offers something unique to the viewing public that makes them distinct and enjoyable to spectate.

The Rugby Union’s national team, known as the Wallabies, has seen success in the global rugby scene. They have been part of the Rugby Union World Cup since its inception in 1987 and earned two World Cup championships under their belts.


Last in our list, but certainly not least in the heart of the Aussies, is the expansive football scene. With different rulesets and exciting gameplay, there is no doubt that this contact sport is a strong contender as the most beloved sport in the country.

Australian Rules Football, or more colloquially referred to as Aussie Rules, is by far the most popular amongst the different variations of the sport. In 2017 alone, the AFL finals between Richmond FC and Adelaide FC drew in more than 8.4 million viewers within Australia, marking it as one of the most-watched matches in the history of Australian Football.


Australia is home to some of the best sports teams and activities in the world, along with the most passionate spectators for any sport. And with the global climate starting to regulate, it is expected that stadiums will be pounding with excitement once again.

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