GCMAG is proactive in the environmental sector to minimize and manage the environmental impacts of our operations

This policy has a purpose to integrate environmental management into our everyday operations improve our environmental sustainability and help our readers reduce their carbon footprint through reading a green publication

GCMAG’s operations extend across the globe. Our employees and suppliers have a unique opportunity to promote the conservation of the environment

Our publication has already taken steps since our launch in 2007 to support the environment by having our staff work from locations of their choosing to cut down on the daily commute and greenhouse emissions created by this

By having a digital publication we produce a 90% saving in the production of greenhouse emissions in comparison to traditional print media

With an aim to be a 100% green company we are constantly working to improve our environmental outlook and work with our staff to come up with creative and new ideas on how we can further our environmental program.

If you have any questions about our policy please contact our team at info@gcmag.com.au

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