Contemporary Interior Design Trends For 2019


Decorating this year for homeowners and designers offers a diverse palette of colours, fabrics, and textures from which to choose. Designers this year are introducing a lot of natural trends into the palette, but these trends can be worked into classically designed spaces. Colour is being used to make bold statements and to cool down the tempo of the room.

Then, there are the new wallpapers. Designers have created something very special for homeowners who want to add more than prints to their wall. Furnishings are also making statements this year with modern, convenient, and comfortable lift chairs making a comeback and retro styles from years gone by showing up in new incarnations. While those with larger budgets might fare better, those on any budget can achieve the look they desire this year.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest contemporary design trends for 2019.

Artistic Wallpaper

One of the newer trends relates to the changing face of wallpaper. Gone are the days of printed designs because mural-like wallpaper with fascinating landscapes are becoming very popular this year. Designers and homeowners are likely to appreciate furnishings being the foreground to a variety of picturesque scenes.

Geometry And 3D Designs

Furnishings of the late sixties and early seventies seem to be making a reappearance this year as well. Designers are abandoning boxy shape furnishings in favour of designs with very geometrical designs. Expect to see a lot of curvy geometrically-shaped chairs, sofas, and dinettes. These furnishings can really make an interesting statement if updated with contemporary accessories.

Finally, we are also seeing these prints show up on fabric. In addition to the more popular bohemian prints, pillows and other accessories that have geometric prints are trending as well. For those who might not be comfortable with the retro design but like the idea, geometrically-patterned accessories can accent the space without overwhelming it.

Then, designers have taken typical wall hangings and have made them stand out. Wall hangings and other accessories that are 3D are also shaping the current interior design landscape. While you might see this primarily with wall hangings, lighting fixtures and other accessories are being styled to create a 3D effect.

Modern Lighting

Lighting fixtures this year are borrowing from the 80s to bring living spaces a little flair. Whether we are talking about standing or hanging lamps, many of the pieces this year have simple designs reminiscent of the spandex decade. We are also seeing the chandelier as a trend, but the piece is making appearances in other areas besides the foyer and living space. Smaller chandeliers are being hung in bathrooms to create a more sophisticated and modern space.

Natural Materials

Another major trend this year is the use of natural materials to accent living space. Rugs made from animal skin, natural woods – a lot of wood –  and a lot of metals are trending. Add in natural stones that can comprise floorings and wallpapers with imitations of stones, and the space can be a place for respite set against a natural backdrop.

Contemporary Colours

There are a lot of pastels being used this year. Light blues, light greens and light pinks go great paired with golds and silvers. Other colours you might see on cabinetry and on appliances is the appearance of matte on black, blue, pinks, and dark reds.

Design 2019

Design trends this year promise homeowners a full range of fabrics, colours, and textures. Much of what is trending this year is a hodgepodge of retro statements complemented by newer contemporary styles. From pastel colours to geometrical patterns, there is a diverse array of design trends to keep your living space looking fresh.


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