Welcome to Issue 53

It’s been a sensational few months for us all,  we’ve gone into isolation, slowly emerged and all feeling a little frazzled so we hope our latest issue can help take your mind off a few things.  Inside we take you behind the scenes of Electric Wave one of the best artistic films in the realm of surfing, and we catch up with the one and only G-Flip talking music, life and her breakout success.  We then join Corey Wilson on his recent trip down under to talk all things surfing, photography and wrap with some health and travel. 

Taking you inside the Electric Wave

Electric Wave is a “true blend of midnight magic” as Audi team up with Convicts Media, Collider Studios and director Dan Askill at Kelly Slater’s California surf ranch…

Your Gut Health & Mental Health

As our understanding of the gut-brain axis deepens, we are learning just how intricately the gut and the brain are linked and how they influence each other.

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