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Daria Varlamova – Miss Universe Australia 2020 Finalist Interview


Today we are talking with Daria Varlamova from Victoria one of the twenty-eight. Talented and inspiring women from all walks of life who are vying for the title of Miss Universe Australia 2020. 

In what has certainly been an unpredictable and unprecedented year of ups and downs we’re thrilled to bring you our ninth year of Miss Universe Australia finalist interviews. 

So Daria, why don’t you tell us about yourself? 

I like to say I’m the three B’s: Russian-born, Perth-bred and Melbourne-based! I work fulltime as a model, and I’m also studying a Master of Counselling. I am the older sister of two little brothers. Some of my favourite things include: having dinner parties with my friends, long walks while listening to podcasts, listening to music, enjoying the outdoors, travelling the world and reading self-development books. I also love adventure sports such as snowboarding!

The Miss Universe Australia program has been on hold since earlier in the year and now making its way towards a virtual final to be held on October 28, What motivated you to enter the Miss Universe Australia Program?

I have always believed that when a beauty queen speaks, people tend to listen. I have heard amazing feedback about the MUA program, and I wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone and see how much I could accomplish with it. I think it’s an incredible opportunity for young women to have a platform and utilise their voice to advocate for issues they are passionate about.

This year has been like no other, how have you been coping so far and what’s been the biggest challenge and positive that has come out of it all?

This year has been so challenging for most of us. For me, anxiety and uncertainty about the future have been my biggest battles. However, I believe there is an upside to every difficult situation- in this case; the silver lining has been that the pandemic seemed to have brought so many communities together and strengthened bonds and friendships. I am so fortunate to have an incredible support network around me, and this turbulent year has definitely given me something to be grateful for!

With everyone bringing such an individual flair to the competition, what do you think is something that will set you apart from the other contestants?

All the women in the program are absolutely incredible! Something I think sets me apart is my high level of empathy- I feel like I can relate to a large number of people from all walks of life. 

I’m definitely a social butterfly! I am also a mental health advocate, and if you can see from my social media platforms, I am very open and candid with my own mental health experience. I am so passionate about destigmatising and facilitating conversations around mental health, that I am studying to become a therapist so I can help others live their best life possible.

The winner of Miss Universe Australia 2020 will also receive the prestigious Minespec Parts grant worth $20,000 to spend on your education or business startup, what would you do if you received this grant? And would you say your answer has changed now during the current COVID climate?

What an incredible opportunity! If I am fortunate enough to receive this grant, I would put it towards my business idea- a product designed to assist people living with anxiety to create structure within their day and make the goal-setting process less overwhelming.

First thing you will do when this pandemic ends?

I want to host a big dinner party at my home with all of my closest friends! My friendships mean everything to me, and it would be wonderful to be able to meet face-to-face and enjoy some good food together.

Place you will hope to travel to next?

Definitely Bali! I have been there so many times, but every time I come back home with a different takeaway. It is such a spiritual and rejuvenating place for me- a second home!

Have you taken up a new hobby, skill or learnt a new dish during lockdown?

One skill I say I’ve acquired in lockdown is the ability to get really creative with taking social media content from home. It’s amazing what you can create around your home that is still quite interesting to look at!

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