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Cremation diamonds are a creative and a distinguished way to commemorate your departed loved ones.   Turning ashes into diamonds a subject of interest in Australia Back in time diamonds were only meant for the wealthiest families and not for everyone. To make cremation diamonds more accessible and affordable for Australians, companies like the Swiss manufacturer Lonité makes every effort to bring down the costs and provide stunning ashes to diamonds through modern technology and scientific research. Carbon exists in nature and accounts for 18% of the human body and under high pressure and temperature, the ashes of your loved one are transformed into a rare pure diamond. These diamonds are usually mixed with graphite and other materials particularly on the surface. Impurity are removed from the hair or ashes providing a 4N purity meaning a 99.99% purity. The rough diamond is then carefully polished by experts who deal solely with grown diamonds. A rough un-cut can also be provided on request. You can also select the colour, the cut and the size of a cremation diamond and it will take between 6 to 9 months to grow according to your choices. This entire process is scientifically proven. You can further ask if you want the diamond re-polished and set into a jewellery ring, pendant or earrings. “It is my responsibility to make some plans for the future so that my kids don’t have to worry about it.” Says Kris Jenner Kardashian in an interview when she learns that her body ashes can be turned into diamonds and that each of her six kids could have a piece of her. We then learned that Kris Jenner made an appointment with a specialist company to get more information on the process. A couple celebrities have already adopted the idea like Michael Jackson‘s family that made a cremation diamond out of the King of Pop’s hair to keep him close at all time. In making such funeral plans, it is important to choose one that will not cause financial depression to your family members during and after the burial. Traditional cemetery burial costs have skyrocketed in recent years. In Australia, a cemetery burial cost in average between AU$ 6000 and AU$ 8000 when you simply include the coffin and organise the simplest ceremony. If we include the price of the cemetery plot rent, on average prices can go up to AU$ 19 000. In fact, to give you a clear idea, prices have doubled in the past 5 years and can range anywhere between AU$ 5000 and AU$ 52 000 in Sydney. Which may help in reconsidering your burial options. A cremation ceremony however cost in average AU$ 7 420 with all fees included. Note that in Australia, cremation fees usually range between AU$ 570 to AU$ 1 200. Post-burial alternative prices of cremation diamonds vary between AU$ 2 900 up to AU$ 25 800 according to the cut, the colour and the size selected. This is what you ought to do, if you choose cremation diamonds, you will forever live with the memories of your loved ones that you keep close at all time with you rather than lying somewhere in scattered ashes or even rotting in the soil. Cremation diamonds are not appropriate for everyone. However, with the modern technology that makes them possible, they are an increasingly popular alternative that should be a consideration for many Australians.   Memorial Diamonds to Serve a Lifetime Purpose   In trying to avoid the costs of a traditional burial or chemical treatments required after death, cremation diamonds can be your greener life time alternative. Death causes so much heart ache, denial, loneliness and sorrow or even regrets of ever being born when your own blood has departed from you. This even hurts deeper knowing that the unforgettable sweet memories are gone too with the deceased. Save yourself the pain and difficult grieving. With cremation diamonds turning human ashes into beautiful jewels, your precious memories are restored and here to stay with you wherever you go. For pets, whenever you go home from a tough day at work, your dog, cat or bird is always there to greet you at the door and wipe your worries away. The ashes of your pet can also be transformed into a diamond, so they can be remembered as the beautiful stars and loyal companions that they were too. As the options keep revealing, we are left to think about this one, but the choice remains individual. However memorial diamonds have values, cost and you won’t need space to dig around, but you might need a finger to wear that shiny gemstone only this time it’s twice valuable. Choose a cremation diamond to create a new life for your loved one.  ]]>

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