Dedicated Desk – The Importance of Work Environments


The luxury of remote working is that professionals have the autonomy to choose where and when they work. Let’s not mention eliminating the exhausting commute to the city and the midday slump, in addition to a host of insufferably indignities professionals face during the workday. For all of these reasons, anyone can understand why professionals, some with advanced degrees, would opt to stay home and work in their pyjamas until late in the afternoon, or better yet, seek out their favourite coffee bar for work solace.

However, those currently in a remote-working situation should consider exchanging their drab remote environment for a more convivial one. In any one of the numerous co-working outfits that service Australia’s bustling centres, you can find yourself seated at a dedicated desk while being exposed to a vast array of industry professionals. In fact, while seemingly minimal, this type of environment is important in getting your business off the ground.

Keep reading to learn about why creating the right work environment is important for the success of your business.

Social Interaction

While it might seem a paradox, working among others is a very important part of socialisation, in addition to making connections, co-working can be the jumping off point to many important relationships. Furthermore, the dedicated desk provides the type of privacy needed for people who like the co-working environment but might not be into the social engagement part of the design. Alternatively, the dedicated desk gives you the opportunity to have the best of both office styles, one that promotes networking as you work and one providing valuable privacy.

Professional Image

One of the greatest benefits of the dedicated desk is it provides start-ups and other businesses with the opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious central business districts in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra at the fraction of the cost to conventional leasing. Typically, for professionals to lease space in some of these same areas, they would easily spend thousands of dollars a year.

Conversely, the dedicated desk, through co-working space, offers professionals the opportunity rent clean, well-furnished office space with world-class IT services. Furthermore, these offices are usually smack dab in the middle of Australia’s bustling business centres. Not just the average small business, but businesses of all sizes would greatly benefit from renting a dedicated desk.

Collaboration Opportunities

Of the many important facets of a work environment, working in a space with other professionals places you in the position of not only networking but also participating in collaboration across industries. By making a concerted effort to get to know other professionals from diverse industries, you improve your chances of being pulled into conversations that can raise your business’s profile and make these type of valuable connections, connections that cannot be made if working at home surrounded by your creature comforts.

Working Community

As these spaces evolve, co-working has still held onto to its mission to provide professionals, and businesses alike, a place to work that promotes community. This mission is the sole reason that many co-working spaces also double as social hubs as well. Your dedicated desk in the co-working imagination is a place where you can begin the kind of networking that pulls you into a community. Moreover, some of the better co-working fit outs make the effort to engage the community by providing social activities that galvanise participation in the community.

Work Environments That Work

For those who work remotely, the dedicated desk gives you the opportunity to work in a professional atmosphere. The dedicated desk in the co-working space presents you with the opportunity to also benefit in many ways outside of providing your business with a home. With networking and collaboration opportunities in proximity, your business in name-any-Australian-city is primed for growth.