Design Tips for Your Bedroom

Carpet One of the most basic things you can do is upgrade to some beautifully soft carpet. This an easy and effective way to refresh the look of your bedroom, thanks to quality companies like Stainmaster that provide a wide range of wonderful carpets.


Take some time to research the influence of colour on psychological states. Is your bedroom painted in red and orange? These are both energy-inducing colours and may contribute to insomnia and excessive mental activity. Or is the room decked out in cool, calming shades of blue? It’s one thing to be a fan of fluorescent yellow but another thing to paint your bedroom entirely in it, so reflect on the idea that your favourite colour is not necessarily the best option when it comes to painting your bedroom. When it doubt, you can’t really go wrong with the standard white or off-white walls.


Do you prefer the clarity provided by the beam of a spotlight or are you more impressed with the subdued lighting thrown off by a lamp? Think about the mood that you’re trying to achieve and the activities that you’re planning to undertake, then plan your lighting accordingly. A romantic liaison can definitely be enhanced by soft lighting or candlelight, while a bit more light may be required if it’s reading or studying that’s going on. Lighting with dimmer switches are a great idea as you can adjust the light levels accordingly.

Decorating Themes

Generally speaking, themed bedrooms are for children. You won’t impress guests with a bedroom decorated with racing cars or teddy bears – and the whole idea of decking the bedroom out in a nautical theme is just plain wrong. Ditch the anchors or the leopard print bedspread and focus. Style is all about balance and less is more, so it’s advisable not to go overboard with any single component of your overall decorating scheme.

Keep it Simple

Just as a themed room can spoil the mood, so too can the presence of too much furniture or too many ornaments. You should aim for a relaxed décor as the presence of too many objects will jangle the nerves and create disharmony. The bedroom is your place of refuge away from the storm of everyday life; it’s not a store room for your knick-knacks.


Ideally, you should try and opt for the minimum amount of furnishings in your bedroom; a wardrobe, dresser and bedside table should be sufficient for most people. If you need to squeeze between the dressing table and the wardrobe in order to get to the bed, that’s a sure sign that you’ve got an overcrowding problem and something should go. How do you style your bedroom? Do you have a friend whose bedroom you’d love to makeover? Share your tips or bedroom décor horror stories below.]]>


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