DIY Party Perfection – How to Make Your Own Photo Booth Props

DIY Party Perfection - How to Make Your Own Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are a key contributor to what makes a party great. The squeal of excitement as your guests enter the venue to find that there is a photo booth? Priceless. But not as priceless as how long these photos adorn your guests fridge, diary or workspaces. But how can you take this up a notch and design props that make the event even better and get your guests being more interactive? Read on to find out.


When the photo booth pictures fly around the office or the next group brunch, you want them to have some personal flavour. Chances are when you hire a photo booth in Sydney they will come with some incredible props already, but this small personal touch is very easy to achieve by DIY and you don’t need to spend too much or acquire too many props. Buy some mini blackboards and some packs of chalk and write the wedding hashtag, the name of the company throwing the function, or anything that will essentially stamp the event in the photos. You can also leave some blank so your guests can scribe something themselves, like a personal joke, message to the couple or even their own names.


Ok, costumes are crucial to a photo booth! Don’t worry, none of these costumes entail a three piece suit – they must be easy items to throw on and off. Think wacky hats, tiaras, funny jackets and even aprons. Your typical guests will get photos with every possible person pretty early in the evening, but the range of costumes will keep them coming back so they can recreate different looks. Give them a reason to try on all the looks! You can make these at home by salvaging these goodies from some op shops and adding different fabrics, buttons and flowers to them. Some of the more popular costume items are the oversized glasses and feather boa, these are easy to wear by guests but keep in mind they may have used these previously and aren’t that inventive.

The classics

You know which ones we’re talking about. The lips, moustaches and beards on those trusty wooden sticks. They good news? Very easy to DIY and the options of what to stick on those wooden sticks are only limited by your imagination. Don’t know where to start? There are loads of photo booth prop ideas online. If you are honouring the happy couple at a wedding reception, it’s always funny to print out their faces and stick them to the sticks so that people can use in the photos. A great way to commemorate the reason you are all there, and the couple will get a real kick out of it.


When you hire a photo booth in Sydney, clarify if there is a photo booth backdrop included. If not, this is a great DIY project and can be particularly fun if there is a theme to the wedding, christmas party or function. You can find some cheap fake vines and florals at some $1 stores, and can affix them to a rope or line that will not be seen in the photo booth line of shot. You can also get some fabric from a homeware store and pin or staple it to a solid wall where the photo booth will be places. Sequin fabric can make the photos look quite high end, whereas a black fabric can really make the guests n the photos pop against something to simple.

Where to start.. The prop ideas you can use for your upcoming event are endless. Make sure you start this project ahead of time so that you can DIY the best props that will bring your event to life. When you have them finalised, do some test shots on your phone camera to make sure they are looking as they should.

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