Easy Ways to Reduce Your Weekly Spending


BOQ bank account holders, incentives like lower fees or higher interests rates to encourage saving money. Here are some proven hints and tips to reduce your weekly spending.

Reduce fees

One of the first and best ways to save money each week is to ensure you’re using a fee-free transaction account for your daily banking needs. Less fees means less weekly spend coming out of your account. There are quite a few fee-free accounts around now, with the day2day plus being only one such example.

Fill Up Before You Shop

That’s right, never shop hungry. Hold off on doing your weekly grocery run until after lunch on the weekend, or pop out after dinner during the week if you’ve the time and energy. This way, you’re less likely to be led astray by impulse buys and snack foods. If possible, consider buying your groceries online and just stopping into the shop to pick them up. It’s cheaper than having them delivered and browsing the aisles is a lot less of a risk when they’re virtual. On the subject of shopping, make a list to take with you every time you shop even if you only go in to grab one thing. Make it, and stick to it – and watch your weekly spend drop down.

Fill Up When It Costs Less

Try to coordinate the times you fuel up your car so that they coincide with the discount fuel days. The discount days move around a bit and sometimes you just have to stop and fill up that tank no matter what, but see what you can manage. Transport costs are one of the biggest weekly money eaters. It also pays to keep your car in good condition. Vehicles that are poorly maintained use more fuel, and need more new parts more often, so while you’re all about saving and that’s a good thing, it’s a false economy to skimp on the regular service and maintenance of your vehicle. It’s a safety issue too, as much as it is a financial one.

Avoid Late Fees

Do you know if you pay any late fees on bills or borrowings? Find out and see what you can do to avoid these. Can you put any regular payments on to direct debit arrangements? This should save you some money if you find yourself shelling out regularly because your repayments are late, or your DVDs haven’t been returned. Reducing your weekly spend isn’t always easy, but if you look closely you’ll likely find a way to make a saving here or there. Start with the items that cost you the most and see what you can do to minimise these costs, or remove them from your expenses altogether. Then examine your weekly cost items to see if you can get a better deal for any of your utilities like your phone or internet data plans. Can you think of any easy ways to reduce your weekly spending? Let others know in the Comments box below.]]>

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