Editorial Policy

Over the past decade, gcmag and its team have developed a strong stance on editorial standards, and we’re always working to bring our readers the best in entertainment all while sticking to our core principles to help create and share content that is informative, factual, entertaining and relevant to you.

Since our launch in 2007, we’ve always had a philosophy of Good Times and Great Partnerships, and we often work with brands, companies and people of influence to bring our readers the best in products, experiences and opportunities.

However, we do not offer a Pay to Play environment a set of standards governs advertorial and editorial decisions, does the partnership empower, entertain or benefit our members and readers or provide relevant information. It must also have the express aim of bringing our members some form of value, simply put if the answer is no to any of the above we don’t think it’s worth working with these brands.

Our partnerships are something we want to last, and that goes for our relationship with our members & readers, we won’t spam them with popups, and never-ending sponsors and banner ads as we want all of our content to be native, entertaining and straightforward while providing value.

We also have a view to making our content easily accessible and affordable and to not place any critical or breaking news articles behind Paywalls. However, we may provide premium content or experiences to those readers who wish to become members for a select monthly fee.

We aim to create a community of active individuals who are interested in participating with us to shape the future of our publication and provide the best in entertainment, culture and lifestyle on an international level, while also delivering a regional network of news and information to our community of loyal locals and beyond.