Editors Letter: A Time for Celebration

Editors Letter: A Time for Celebration

Today I started writing this letter i realised nothing like a milestone to push you to reflect on where a journey has taken you. Where it started, be it highs and lows and then to look at how far you have come. And with GCMAG celebrating its 6th year and our 21st issue, we sure have come a long way. Saying this; I need to thank our readers and sponsors for their support. It’s overwhelming.

When we started off, people often ignored and disregarded the idea of a digital only publication as it had ever ben done in Australia before. We had to constantly defend the reason to never PRINT an issue of GCMAG and now after 6 years we are still releasing our online digital only issues. And not just that, we are a leader in the digital publication sector.

We started off releasing issues once a year, which progressed to a release every six month, and now we produce six issues a year. The readership of GCMAG has now covered all corners of the globe with GCMAG having been viewed on every continent (including Antarctica!) And over 4000 cities.

Now on our 6th Birthday we release over 100 articles a month and have completed well over 300 feature articles with celebrities, musicians and noticeable other public figures since our very first launch.

Now as we gear up to pop some champagne and party into the early hours of the morning we would like to thank YOU. Our loyal readers for not just always supporting each and every issue of GCMAG but believing in it.
We look forward to bringing you more and more amazing content through 2014 and beyond.

As Australia’s first digital magazine, GCMAG has now grown from a local annual publication to an internationally read bimonthly publication for Australian events, fashion, lifestyle and music .


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