Entertainment News:  New data shows Aussies spent billions on video games in 2021

Entertainment News:  New data shows Aussies spent billions on video games in 2021

Recent reports have revealed that players spent nearly 4 billion AUD on video games and consoles in 2021. The reports also show that more Aussies are into online gaming. Aussies went for popular games such as online pokies and other online games. Additionally, mobile games were found to be more popular, with their online sales in Aussie exceeding 1.5 billion AUD.

It is believed that the lockdowns contributed to the rise of online gaming in the country. Data from Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) shows that gamers will spend even more in 2022. The Association’s CEO also claimed that they would love a crystal ball.

A market analysis of the global gaming industry revealed that the industry will experience a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.7% by 2024. Therefore, if Australia follows these worldwide gaming trends, the country’s sales will also trend upwards.

Australians used online games for entertainment and as a source of connection throughout the year of the pandemic. Studies have shown that 75% of Australians play games on consoles, PCs, or mobile phones. Moreover, the Australian government has boosted the industry by offering a digital games tax offset of 30%. This tax incentive will allow the industry to grow.

Besides that, Screen Australia offers grants to small studios, which will also help to boost the industry’s growth. Moreover, other state governments have also stepped up to provide rebates and grants to create a thriving game development ecosystem. According to IGEA, the biggest challenge for gaming studios was finding experienced game developers.  

Mid-senior game developers are in high demand worldwide. In this sense, Australia needs an agile and fit-for-purpose migration strategy to help supplement local talent. Such a move would encourage more revenue and create more jobs locally.

Australian Gaming Industry Insight

According to a survey by the IGEA’s Digital Australia, 92% of Australians who took part in the study claim they have at least one gaming platform in their homes. Out of the 92%, the survey also found that 35% have a lone game platform within their home while 17% have three.

Two-thirds of those who participated in the survey also claimed they use guides and walkthroughs. Moreover, a third of the participants stated they post their gameplay videos. Also, 80% of those surveyed reiterated that they would love to see more diversity in the games.

How do Aussies Spend These Billions?

IGEA revealed that Australians spent 3.96 billion AUD in gaming in 2021. They spent 1.41 billion AUD on digital platforms, 1.07 billion AUD on traditional retail, and 1.51 billion AUD on mobile gaming. Here is a breakdown of how they splashed these billions:

ItemAmount Spent
In – game687 million AUD
Full game566 million AUD
Subscriptions 162 million AUD
Hardware560 million AUD
Software378 million AUD
First Party Peripherals131 million AUD

Final Thoughts

Although the lockdowns are no longer an issue, industry projections show that the gaming industry in Australia will continue the upward trend. With the measures put in place by the government and other state governments, gamers in Australia should brace themselves for more entertainment!

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