How to Have an Epic Road Trip on the South East Queensland Coast


Go Camping You might think of camping as dirty, messy and uncomfortable, but it can actually be a whole load of fun – you just need to be prepared with the right equipment. Pack comfortable sleeping bags, the right sized tent and something to cover the ground with and you’re all set to go. It is a wonderful experience for adults and children alike, and will add just that little bit of flavour to your road trip. You don’t have to go camping every night you’re on the road, but it will definitely make your trip more memorable to spend a night now and then lying under the stars or singing songs around a campfire.

Visit an Island

The South East Queensland coast is famous for many things, including its wonderful collection of coastal islands. Plan a day or two at one of these holiday havens and you will not regret it! They are easily accessible from the mainland thanks to vehicle ferries, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your car or four-wheel drive behind. Established and popular tour groups, including Sunset Safaris, offer a wonderful variety of tours from day trips to the Great Barrier Reef to Fraser Island tours from Noosa.


Any road trip would not be complete without a collection of entertaining (and silly) games. They are a great way to stave off boredom as well as making sure you appreciate the sights outside your window. These may include the license plate game, where you compete to make the longest words out of the letters on different number plates; I Spy, an old one that still retains its charm; or a brand new game that your travelling party makes up itself! The possibilities are endless, so get your thinking caps on and make your road trip the best road trip ever! These are a few ways to have an epic road trip, not only on the South East Queensland coast, but anywhere you might want to go. There are plenty of other things you can add to make your trip even better – all it takes are some keystrokes and the internet, so get researching and happy holidays! Have you gone on a road trip before? Was it boring or was it awesome? What do you think contributed to this? What do you think would make a road trip absolutely epic? Leave your thoughts down below.]]>