The Essential Mancave Tools for This Years Footy Finals Series


Zeigler and Brown and prepare to enjoy this year’s footy finals series in the box seat, whatever your code is.


The king/queen needs their throne to look over the world, in this case the footy finals series. Deck your couch out with pillows, rugs and all the essential comfort tools. You might even need to be prepared to grab a bottle to take care of nature’s calls, depending on how liberal you are with personal hygiene requirements.

Remote Control

If your television came without a remote control that’s probably a conversation you need to have with your electronics supplier, but this is an ever-essential tool in terms of navigating your way around the coverage. Deftly change your way between channels and set programs on record so you don’t miss a minute of the finals action.


Maybe you’ve got glandular fever. Maybe your leg hurts. Whatever the excuse find it to take that convenient four weeks off work. The office doesn’t need you that much anyway and you’re going to have to spend most of your week preparing for the matches. It would be irresponsible to spend that much time working anyway. Think of your team – they need you!


The internet if a friend and a companion and will provide you with a way to access the online forums with which to voice your opinions. That referee was a disgrace and it’s time to use your twitter account to communicate this point to the world. This way you can be that extra member of the team when they need it the most and channel your rage into an appropriate outlet, rather than sending your fist flying through your plasma TV when the other team scores.


You’re probably going to have to feed yourself at some stage over the course of these months too, so it makes sense to have a ready supply of barbequed meat at your disposal. Make sure you don’t skimp on sustenance in this period of the year – your team needs you to be at your best while you’re screaming at the television. Also if you’ve got mates around they might expect to be fed, seeing as though that’s a hallmark of being a good host and all.

What do you think of this list? Is there anything you would add? What team are you going to be barracking for in this year’s finals series? Leave any questions, comments or suggestions in the section below, thanks for reading and enjoy your Mancave!