Why every Home needs an Outdoor Living Area


More Living Space In years gone by, the backyard was traditionally a patch of turf for the kids and dog to run around on and somewhere to hang out the washing. While these things are an important part of daily living, our backyards are capable of provide us with so much more.

More and more housing designs are now blending the indoors with the outdoors – for example, take a look at the www.coralhomes.com.au website. Our gardens have practically become an extension of our homes, offering more space to cook, eat and relax. Outdoor living areas provide families with more options to come together or to simply have some chill-out time on your own. During summer, cooking outside is such a smart way to go as you avoid adding any unnecessary heat into your home. Regardless of the time of year, there is nothing quite like the taste of a good BBQ!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Modern life is busy and stressful. We spend so much time interacting with technology that it’s so important to get back to basics and simply unwind. Sitting outside our homes in a courtyard, on a deck or just on the grass connects us with nature. We get to feel the breeze and sun on our skin, admire the shapes and colours of plants and listen to the birds and cicadas. At night, we can simply gaze up at the stars and breathe in the refreshing night air. It’s a relaxing and healthy place to be, which is why outdoor living areas have now become, as important as indoor living spaces like the kitchen, dining and lounge rooms.

Add Value to your Property

Needless to say, outdoor living areas have gone from being an optional extra to a given. If you live in an older property with no outdoor entertaining areas, this is one of the simplest ways to substantially increase the value of your home. You’ll get hours and hours of enjoyment out of your renovations and when it comes time to sell; this will be a major drawcard for prospective buyers.

Before you dive in though, make sure you consider how you want to use the area first and foremost. This will help you to design the layout of your outdoor living area. Make sure you integrate the area into the existing structure, by choosing building materials and a style that matches the vintage of your home. Also have a think about maintenance issues, shade protection during summer and heat generated from the BBQ.

Outdoor living areas have become a home essential. When you look at the added value and living space these areas provide, along with the chance to unwind and get back to nature, it’s not hard to see why every home needs one!