Gift Ideas for the Special Man in Your Life


Toolset Most men don’t have a complete set of tools. Maybe they did at one point, but items have either broken, been lost, or corroded over time and have been thrown away. This is where you come in. Patch the holes in his toolset. Did his power drill die recently? Go and speak to a specialist like Ryobi or your local hardware store and pick up a quality replacement. He’ll absolutely adore you for it.

Beard Trimmer

Much like a good skincare routine, most guys don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their facial hair. Either they let it go so they can have an awesome beard or they shave it off entirely on the daily. Those who do decide to beard up often have no way to manage their facial hair and end up looking like urban cavemen. That’s where a good beard trimmer comes in handy – your man can keep himself looking smart with a minimum amount of fuss.

Remote Controlled Car/Drone/Helicopter/Boat

No, really. Get him a remote control anything and he will love it. Guys love dopey toys and they love tech. When you find a way to combine the two, they will spend hours playing with them and having the best time. This is even better if you have kids because dad and the kids can play together.

Wireless Headphones

A genuinely good pair of headphones is hard to find. Wireless and Bluetooth headphone technology is improving all the time, with over-ear versions now providing great sound as well as proper noise-cancellation capabilities. This will allow him to easily take his music with him around the house, as well as outside – finally, something to listen to while he gets the mowing done!


With the advent of smartphones, watches have become a much less common accessory than they used to be. This, of course, does not mean they aren’t without merit. Watches are still a useful, practical gift and make an excellent addition to any formal or smart casual attire he may have to wear for work. Plus, smartwatches are now on the horizon too, so be sure to keep your eye on any developments there! Buying a gift for the special man in your life is a bit of a battle. You have to keep an eye on what he has and what he may not have as you cultivate your potential gift list and run interference if it seems like he might beat you to an item. But, really, as long as it comes from you, he’s going to love it. That’s just a fact. What were the best gifts you ever got for your man? Share your advice in the comments.]]>