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How to Give Your Home A Summer Feel

Outdoor Lighting Summer is about being outdoors while the beautiful weather lasts. This doesn’t mean you need to focus purely on making your backyard a tolerable space in which to relax. While this certainly helps, it is more important that the warmth is brought indoors, which can be achieved through a warm colour scheme and warm lighting. You might like to refresh each room with a summer-inspired paint job. Any colour in the realm of green, yellow or blue will produce wonderful results. Open your house up to the sun as much as possible. You might like to get skylights or sliding glass doors installed. If you have them already, consider having them serviced by professionals like AJ Doors so they’re running smoothly. This will ensure the sun can shine into even the darkest corner of your living areas!

Indoor Garden

Growing a few plants in a room where there is decent light (a sunroom, preferably) will add to the illusion that you are outdoors. This method of gardening is ideal for those who might not have enough time to care for an overflowing backyard garden. An indoor garden’s purpose is to be contained, making it far easier to manage during those stronger summer days. While you might not be able to grow an orange tree, you’ll have plenty of space for flowers that blossom without fail in the warmer seasons.

Little Extras

Bringing your backyard indoors is a lot easier than it sounds. It could be as simple as hanging a hammock onto the balcony, where it is safe from the scorching heat and the potential emergence of bugs. You are outdoors, without being outdoors; it’s an artless process, in the best of ways. For the rest of the house, you might like to replace anything heavy-looking with something simpler, the same way that you change your wardrobe from jackets to singlets. To let in more light, replace any opaque curtains with sheer ones, and even consider buying some brighter pillows and bed sheets. Capturing a summer feel in your own home provides you with a sense of ease and protection from the outside—it’s almost like a safe haven. On top of which, you no longer feel the need to travel to an exotic destination because you’re already living in a resort, as it were. Updating your surroundings so that they suit the climate always makes living easier, and is a means of enjoyment that doesn’t require driving to the beach simply to be reminded of the season. The above suggestions don’t require a great deal of effort, which is why they perfectly reflect the summer experience.]]>

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