Giving Your Home a Fresh Look for the Holiday Season


1. Stylish New Homeware Redecorating for the holidays doesn’t have to mean mini statues of Santa Claus. A Christmas home makeover is the perfect opportunity to welcome some sophisticated and contemporary homeware into your life. It could be a pair of fancy curtains or an artistic bathroom vanity. Something simple that makes a bold statement can really freshen up your home during the season (and beyond) while also impressing all your guests. For some great homeware ideas, check out an online retailer such as Vinci Living.

2. Shifting Centre Stage

For many families, the Christmas tree is a given. But why not take it a step further by rearranging your living area’s furniture to shift the focus of the room to the tree. This could be a refreshing change from the TV demanding all the attention and will help to highlight the togetherness that the holiday season is really all about. While you’re at it, consider moving some furniture around permanently to create a fresh layout for your home. You may just find you like the new floor plan better and leave it like that, even after the new year is in full swing.

3. Some Light Renovations

Let the holiday season inspire a lasting new look for your home by undertaking some small renovations. The Christmas period may not be the blissful, fun-filled time it was as a child, but it still offers the perfect opportunity to renovate while we have time away from work. You could upgrade your kitchen by picking a splashback or repaint some rooms, or even take down a wall to create a more contemporary…, open-floor feel to your home… all in time to show off your home improvement for a Christmas lunch or New Year’s Eve party! If you’ve been dreaming of a larger scale renovation for your home, Christmas could actually be your chance to collect the funds for this via cash presents! The holiday season is a busy and exciting one, making it the perfect time to find inspiration for a new look in your home. But, for the time-poor, revamping your home doesn’t have to be a lengthy affair. Use the above advice to kick off a low-cost, few-hours crusade to fill your home with festive spirit that will linger on for months to come!]]>

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