The Grillmaster’s Guidebook – How to Choose the Right Barbecue This Summer


Infrared BBQs To start with a lesser-known addition to the BBQ battle, the infrared BBQ is an attempt to blend the quality of a charcoal grill with the convenient temperature control of gas. Whilst infrared BBQs aren’t quite as common as their traditional counterparts, they are a rare advancement in the world of outdoor cooking.  

Gas Grills

It isn’t hard to see why gas has become the go-to for backyard grilling for a vast majority of Australians. The efficiency, speed and temperature control offered by gas systems allows for a considerable amount of versatility when cooking. As an additional benefit, unlike its charcoal counterpart, there is minimal preparation and cleanup time. This ensures that you can focus on being a fantastic host, rather than attempting to scrub away annoying charcoal stains. With that said, gas grills do have their disadvantages, which fall into two major categories:  


While prices will differ from model to model, the intricate workings of a gas grill will essentially ensure a heftier price tag than most of its simpler peers. So, while the gas itself may be cheaper than a bag of coal, you are definitely going to be fronting a hefty payment for the grill itself.  


To be frank, you just can’t smoke your meat without using a charcoal grill. While some gas grills will come with a smoker box, this will still only provide a small hint of the smoky flavour that you’re looking for.  

Charcoal Grill

Ah, the traditional charcoal grill. Despite being inefficient, time-consuming and requiring a large amount of preparation and clean-up, it’s impossible to resist that delicious, smoky flavour. A cheaper alternative to gas and infrared, charcoal grills are significantly simpler in design, offering a more bare-bones, traditional grilling experience.  

Electric Grill

As the title suggests, these grills are powered through electricity, utilising heated grill plates to cook meat fire-free. Because of this, there are varieties for both indoor and outdoor use. Unfortunately, this also means that the smoky flavour is also lost, even when compared to gas grills. However, they make up for this by having a fantastically affordable price tag, with some decent models selling for as little as $100. There you have it! In the end, whichever grill you decide to go with, a barbecue is only as good as the grillmaster using it. So, dust off your cookbook, step out into the sunlight and get grilling! Good luck!]]>

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