A History of the Commonwealth Games


minimum deposit casinos. The Manchester games in 2002 became the first professional competition where elite athletes with disabilities competed alongside able bodied athletes and this is also something that continues today. The next Commonwealth Games will be held in Australia in 2018 in several locations along the Gold Coast. There are more than 70 countries and territories that will be competing at these games. The games are sometimes referred to as the ‘Friendly Games’ but this does not mean that the competition between athletes is not there. It is a fiercely fought competition to be top of the medal table but at the same time there is still the feeling of friendship and unity that comes from belonging to the Commonwealth. The 2018 competition will last for eleven days and will see more than 6600 athletes competing. There are eighteen different sports in total that will be featured and there are a number of different events within each of these sports. The sports that will be competed in include athletics, cycling, swimming and gymnastics. There are also events for teams to take part in such as rugby and netball. As well as events that take part in stadiums that spectators will have to purchase tickets for, there are also free events such as the marathon and some road cycling. Spectators will be able to stand at specific points along the route and be able to cheer the athletes on.]]>

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