How to Be Happy: Top 4 Keys to Finding Happiness


Want to achieve more happiness in your life? If so, consider the following 4 keys to finding happiness:

1. Seek Out Companionship

Many people would agree that finding true love is one of the most important keys to happiness. However, some experts point out that a romantic relationship isn’t a strict necessity for finding happiness. What’s critical: having fulfilling relationships with others. They don’t have to be romantic relationships. If you make an effort to seek out enriching friendships and surround yourself with loved ones, that leads to happiness.

2. Do Compelling, Meaningful Work

Through a long running study, researchers made a fascinating observation about the nature of success in life. They found that doing chores as a young child later resulted in success and happiness in adulthood. Their conclusion: Work ethic is one of the key components of happiness.

They arrived at this conclusion by determining that it’s taking action, motivated by a “pitch-in-and-help” type of mindset, that leads to fulfillment.

You can achieve this now, even if you weren’t taught to do so as a child. The key is finding compelling work to engage yourself with.

If you’re unemployed, or currently employed at a job that you don’t find particularly fulfilling, don’t let that hold you back; there are countless other ways to seek out truly meaningful work. You could volunteer, or you could help friends or loved ones overcome the difficulties they’re facing. You could also look for a job that you’d find more meaningful.

3. Learn to Be Content With What You Have

Have you ever observed how some of the most miserable people on the planet are rich? No matter how much material wealth they accumulate, it doesn’t satisfy them. They want more.

This is human nature.

But if you want to be happy, you have to learn how to escape the trap of wanting more, more, more.

Do you have everything you really need in life? Do you have enough nutritious food to eat? Enough clean water to drink? Do you possess a bed and a shelter in which to put it?

Many people alive on this planet lack the basic necessities of life. Simply finding clean water to drink is a struggle for them. They go hungry. They’re homeless, or perhaps they live in shelters that wouldn’t pass building codes in the developed world.

If this is your situation, you have every right to feel discontent. But if your physical needs have all been met, know that discontent is the enemy of your happiness.

But what do you do if something is holding you back from achieving true contentment?

4. Change Anything in Your Life That Truly Needs Changing

Being content with what you have doesn’t mean that you automatically have to settle for how things are now. You can, and should, change the things that truly need changing.

Let’s say, for example, you are not content with the way you look. It’s fine to change your appearance. If you aren’t content with grey hair, it’s okay to color it. If you aren’t content with your body shape, it’s okay to get a gym membership, or to make an appointment for a nip or a tuck at Cosmos Clinic.

Here’s what you have to beware of. There are people who fall into the trap of constant dieting, obsessive weight loss, or undergoing procedure after procedure after procedure, yet they are never satisfied with the outcomes. In fact, psychologists have a name for that. It’s called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

The problem isn’t that their body or appearance needs changing. What truly needs changing is their mindset.

So, before you make a change, make sure you’re changing the thing in your life that truly needs to be changed. Often, when people are discontent with something, it isn’t that something that needs changing. Instead, a simple change in mindset could fix the problem.

If you’ve fallen out of love with your spouse, do you really need a divorce? Or could the two of you fix your marital problems by stepping back a bit, focusing on being more accepting of each other, and striving to reacquaint yourself with the reasons you fell in love to start with?

A mindset change can’t fix every problem. Sometimes things truly need changing, and a mindset change will not help. Maybe your spouse is cheating on you, and it really is time to separate. Maybe you chose the wrong career, and a career change is in order.

One of the most important keys to happiness is being able to recognize whether your discontent can be fixed with a mindset change — or whether a more drastic change is truly necessary. Once you’ve made that decision, appropriate action is necessary to make the needed changes.

Mastering these 4 things will help you find happiness. These things are not easily mastered; but even if you never fully conquer them, making small changes towards accomplishing these goals can make a significant difference in your life.