How to Improve Your Home Before Selling


Doors and windows Your doors and windows are something you want people NOT to notice. Why? Because if they are noticing them, it usually means there’s something wrong. It could be holes in a flyscreen, faulty locks on the doors or a security screen that couldn’t hold back a breath of wind. To improve your home before selling, make sure your doors and windows are not noticeable. You certainly don’t want your real estate agent struggling with a lock when he brings clients through to inspect – hardly a good look! Not too sure where to start when it comes to making sure your windows and doors are not noticeable? Talk to a window and door expert, such as Stylewise Security and Glass to make sure this integral area gets noticed for the right reasons!


Getting your gardens right needn’t be an arduous task. Apart from weeding your garden, you can pick up a number of items from the hardware store to quickly and cheaply improve your home. Ideas to prepare your garden include re-mulching any garden beds, getting a lawn greening agent to make your grass look heathier and packing away yard objects such as hoses. These are all simple things you can do to add more appeal and value to prospective buyers.

Paint and panels

Unless you’re selling a ‘renovators delight’, holes in the walls and peeling paint is a terrible look for prospective buyers. It may cost a few shekels to re-plaster holes and re-paint walls that have had good wear and tear, but the investment should pay itself in the improved resale value of your home. Walls painted in uniform colours and sound panels , Correctly patched holes, walls painted in uniform colours and sound panels will give your home that fresh, structurally sound look.


It’s amazing at how many real-estate agents hear that the tone of a property was brought down by blown globes or insufficient lighting. Similar to windows and doors, you don’t want people to notice blown light globes or fixtures. You want every room to have the same coloured globes that all work. Does it look like there’s dark corners in a room? Brighten it with a lamp – it makes the room look bigger, warmer and more inviting. By spending a few dollars at a lighting warehouse or hardware shop, you can add real value and visual appeal to your home. It’s easy to prepare your home before selling. A keen eye will spot any problem areas and remedy them before it turns off any potential buyers. Have you found these tips useful? Are there any of your own you use before selling a property? Jot your ideas in the comments below.]]>