Interview with Face of Fashion week Finalist Edyn Mackney

Well today we are sitting down to chat with Edyn one of the finalists of the face of fashion week who is in the mix with Ten others to be appointed the face of the QT Fashion Week and Awards 2014  held in April.
Starting off with the basics who what and where inspires you most..? 

Hi! the models that get to travel the world. Being able to have a job that keeps you fit and healthy, introduces you to different countries, fashion, cultures and experiences inspires me.

If you had to describe yourself to someone in a few short words what would you say …?
I am passionate about health and fitness, love helping others, ambitious, and a fun-loving fashionista !

Where would you say you find your motivation …?
Every morning I just have to look at my tumblr and instagram where I follow like-minded people who love fashion, and lead a healthy fun lifestyle these amazing people get me up and motivated every morning!

My motivation also comes internally; my parents motivate me to make good choices and to be a good person.

What would you say fashion means to you…?
Ahh the f word! haha Fashion to me is an expression of my inner self and what i find interesting not what everyone else’s expectations of what should be expressed. Like the saying goes “Fashion is constantly fleeting but style is forever”.

When did you first get started in modelling and what made you get into the industry …
I was 16 and had just changed my entire lifestyle to a very fit and healthy one to pursue my dream of becoming a model. I lost over 22 kg’s. I organised a photo shoot and put it up on Facebook where I was scouted. As a young girl I had always loved fashion designers, international celebrities and beauty so if I could have a job where I could combine all my loves, – fitness, fashion, travel and beauty, modelling and being a personal trainer is exactly what I want for myself.

What would you say has been a career highlight so far..?
I would honestly work in this industry for free! I cannot articulate to you the feeling I get on the runway or how incredible it is to have a team of people collaborate on an idea and together we bring it to life! I have also just become a personal trainer and have been asked to be an ambassador for an amazing company – Mind body and Saul. So far these all are my highlights and my biggest highlight would defiantly be being chosen as the face of fashion week!

As the Gold Coast is  a pretty different market how would you describe Gold Coast Fashion …?  What makes it different in your eyes …?
We have such a great beach culture and a energetic lifestyle with so much outdoors at our doorsteps I think this is reflected in our fashion. Relaxed and effortless casual day wear that can easily be turned to glam just by adding some killer heels and accessories.

What do you hope to come from your experience in the Face of Fashion week Competition…?
I am so excited and hope to gain many contacts, recognition and exposure to build up a strong base for my modelling career.

Now as a final question what makes you stand out from the other finalists of Face of Fashion Week…
I have honestly lived, eaten and breathed this industry for more than 2 years now in the hopes my big break would come. I am fresh faced, versatile and believe I want this more than anyone else. Do I stand out? I hope so, but you all will be the judge of that!

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Written by Owen George

Editor of @GC_MAG Australia, Currently living by the mantra life is too short for bad coffee

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