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Investment Hotspots in Australia in 2015

Queensland Many analysts are predicting huge swings towards Brisbane and its population centres to the north and south, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. Long regarded as a big country town, Brisbane is ripe to explode in terms of investment properties city-wide and will continue to do so far beyond every other city in the nation for the foreseeable future. If you were ever going to invest rental properties in Queensland, now would be the time to jump onto sites like Local Agent Finder and get a few real estate agents working on leasing your properties for you.

New South Wales

Growth in Sydney has slowed to a crawl in recent years but there are towns and suburbs well outside the city that are still seeing remarkable business. Places like Killcare near Gosford, Mossy Point near Bateman’s Bay, and Huskisson near Nowra have all seen large-scale, sustained growth in recent years and that trend shows no signs of stalling. While Sydney continues to expand slowly, investment properties there are currently not as attractive as they previously were.


Despite continued development in Melbourne’s western suburbs, particularly around Werribee and Tarneit, growth is otherwise rather slow in the nation’s cultural hub. Once again, the places that are growing rapidly are well outside the city. Country towns like Coleraine are providing a massive rental yield, as are Ouyen (south of Mildura) and Dimboola north of Horsham. Melbourne seems to be stuck in the same rut as Sydney at present, though it is far from an investment dead end.

South Australia and Tasmania

Directly across South Australia’s Gulf St Vincent from Adelaide lies Port Vincent, a rural community where rentals are exploding at present. Townships Berri and Renmark, back towards the Victorian border, are also doing a roaring investment trade at present. In Tasmania, Bicheno, near MacLean Bay, has showed huge growth in recent times, as have Rosebery, nestled in amongst the state’s biggest national parks, and Gagebrook, right outside of Hobart.

Western Australia and the Northern Territory

Western Australia hasn’t fared so well since the mining boom came to an end. The Northern Territory has fared a little better with Zuccoli, Johnston, and Braitling all showing signs of life. So things are a bit up and down when it comes to investing in Australian property, but there are definitely not locations and areas that are thriving and warrant consideration from investors. Obviously, trends change all the time, so you’d do well to keep researching online and watching the numbers as they fluctuate if you’re keen to invest soon. If you’ve noticed any trends or have any investing tips to share, please feel free to write your insights in the comments below – other would-be investors will thank you for it!]]>

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