Kangaroos, Sunny Beaches And One-Armed Bandits: All You Need To Know About Australia!


Australia is an amazing country. The sunny beaches, amazing landscapes and unique rural traditions make the land one of world’s top tourist attractions. We all know the land for its rich culture, astonishing atmosphere, remarkable beer and dangerous habitants. But is it all there is to Australia? There are dozens of stereotypes about Australia, and most of them are the truth based on exaggerated facts.  Here is a quick starter – there are more kangaroos than people with the following ratio:

  • 60.000.000 funny boxing hoppers;
  • 23.859.500 Australians.
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Is it as dangerous as they say?

Well, the wildlife in Australia definitely has no vivid intention of killing you or your dreams of a mentally healthy future; they will do so if given the chance. Spiders, crocodiles, venomous scorpions snakes and porcupines are literally everywhere. And yet this is a risk you should be willing to take because of these fantastic places you can’t live without:
  • The Wilpena Pound: The series of mountains are as jaw-dropping as they are breathtaking. Millions of individuals prefer this camping spot and jogging location because of its superior landscapes and unrivaled atmosphere.
  • The Great Ocean Road: what could be better than one hundred and fifty miles of ocean on one side and harrowing cliffs on the other? These are some of the most spectacular sites in the entire world!
  • The Yarra Valley: Bet you never expected to see Italy in Australia! Well, guess again, this valley is overfilled with remarkable wineries. The landscapes there are truly remarkable and, perhaps, ten times greened than the entirety of the continent.
  • The Bay Of Fires: One of the purest beaches in the world with white sand, warm, rocky banks and the ocean as pure as a tear.
  • The Kakadu National Park: This is where the things get interesting as you will be able to witness Australian wild life in its natural habitat. No longer will you shake snakes and spiders out of your sneakers in a dusty old motel room. Shake them out in the wild!