Looking for Online Casino Reviews? Here Are the Dos and Don’ts


We have all at one point or another turned to what we consider expert advice on how to approach a certain issue, even when it concerns an activity that we consider ourselves quite learned on. Games of chance are no exception: even seasoned gamblers continue to look for tips on how to improve their game, poker enthusiasts read up on strategy, and baccarat players are always happy to hear of the latest technique. With the significant changes that were brought about into the gambling industry by the internet, since online casinos started springing up here and there, players also discovered a new way to share expertise: online casino review sites.

The Need for Reviews

There are different types of online casino review sites, ranging from very basic to extremely elaborate. Players who prefer online casinos, usually due to the convenience they offer as gamblers can play any time from anywhere, have a very wide variety at their disposal. So, it is only natural that many of them invest some time to do some research before deciding upon which casino to join. This has elevated casino review sites to a big and ingrained part of the online gambling industry worldwide. Since the online gambling market reached a value of almost $45 billion in 2016, and it is projected to reach more than $80 billion in 2022. Online gambling is now regulated in over 80 countries, with Europe having the largest gambling industry across the globe. It’s obvious that there is a growing need for trustworthy reviews.


Start with the Fundamentals

Even though there are many sites that could be helpful, especially for first-time players, there are certain features that anyone seeking advice should look for. For example, sites that offer some basic information about gameplay and bonuses are not much help. Nor are review sites that tell you only things that you could very easily learn yourself by navigating the online casino page for a few minutes. Instead, the most reliable online review sites partner up with experts and seasoned players who play on the casino and then write a review of their experience. Another practical tip is to look for sites that suit you personally, depending on the kind of games you would like to play on the casino or your location. Since online gambling is heavily regulated, it makes sense if you live in New Zealand, for example, to start by visiting sites such as bestcasinos.nz, which reviews the NZ online casino scene, focusing on online casinos that are available to Kiwi players.

Look for Balanced and Rich Reviews

The best type of online casino review sites are the ones that provide a wealth of information for you to pick and choose. Not only general rankings but also a review and details of specific games, software, important information about deposits, bonuses, promotions, payment and payout options, as well as vital info on customer support, security, online casino licenses and the like. Honesty is always the most useful approach for you, so beware of reviews that are unnecessarily full of praise – instead spot review sites that offer a clear method for their rankings and include points of criticism in their reviews, like a list of pros and cons. Some review sites also let players have the floor, with complaints columns where gamblers can exchange information or resolve disputes with online casinos.

Depending on how invested you are in your research, different types of online casino review sites might be helpful for you. But always double-check a review’s reliability before actually joining an online casino.