Miss Universe Australia 2015 Finalist – Daisy Jeanes


Well, it’s that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is well underway with finalists being selected across the country.
Early next month at the Sofitel on Collins Melbourne the judging panel have the incredibly hard job of selecting the 2015 Miss Universe Australia.

Today we are chatting with finalist Daisy Jeanes from Western Australia who is one of the national finalists who will be competing for the 2015 title of Miss Universe Australia and hoping to follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Hawkins, Rachael Finch, Jesinta Campbell and last years winner Tegan Martin.

First of all the all-important introduction tell us a little about you what you do for work, fun etc? I graduated form Curtin University with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Human Resource Management in February this year. Upon completion, I was offered the role of practice manger at Perth Podiatric Surgery, one of only 13 podiatric surgeries in WA. In my spare time I enjoy catching up with friends and family enjoying a meal or a movie. I am privileged to have a great support network, all of which have supported me through my Miss Universe Australia endeavors. I recently hosted a charity High Tea for ToyBox International where I raised $6,000 for the charity. The beach is a big part of my life and country WA is a place I love, holidays, camping or staying with friends in the Margaret River Region are my ways to get away and unwind.

Congratulations on making it so far in such a coveted competition! We have to ask how has the overall experience been so far?   And how are you feelings in the lead up to the finals? So far this has been a life-changing experience! I know as a WA girl we are extremely lucky and have many sponsors to thank. In the lead there have been a number of events including; morning tea, golf day, cocktail parties and more. These functions allow us get to know the other contestants who become a great support through out the preliminary. The highlight for me was the WA winners trip to Bali, we stayed at Karma Resort and kept busy with fitness, photo shoots, visiting the Bali Life Orphanage and more!

I’m really excited to head over for the National Finals, the WA preliminary started over 6 months ago so we’ve had plenty of preparation! No matter what the outcome on the 5th of June my time in Melbourne will be an amazing experience.

With contestants coming from all over the country and bringing their own individual flare, what do you think will set you out from the rest of the finalists competing in the 2015 competition? My own individual flare can be summed up in 3 words; genuine, compassionate and carefree. I know each of these qualities will shine during my time in Melbourne and on the Miss Universe Australia stage.

What is something people might find interesting about yourself? An interesting fact about me is that I’m just as comfortable gracing the catwalk as I am working with my grandpa on the farm. I enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, getting dirty, planting trees, working sheep or sleeping under the stars. Away from the city with no phone or Internet connection is a place I can focus on what’s really important in life.

Speaking of a person’s unique flare or style what would you say is your best style or beauty secret? I’d describe my own style as low maintenance, or “carefree” as I stated above. I’m not a real girly girl so opt for a minimal look when I can. I think natural makeup is most beautiful and should be used to enhance your natural features.

With Fitness becoming more and more a part of a person’s personal style how would you describe your fitness regime and how it relates to your life? 
Fitness has always been a massive part of my life, both of my parents lead active lifestyles and this has rubbed off on me. I’m happy to give any sport a go including; platform diving, water polo, body boarding, netball, tennis, yoga, athletics, pilates and most recently boxing. I exercise at least 5 times a week and will often catch up with friends for a walk instead of a coffee.

Who or what inspired you to get involved in the Miss Universe Australia Pageant? What drew you to such a competition? A few years after graduating high school I wanted to find more like-minded people and expand my friendship group. I was also looking for a challenge, to be pushed out of my comfort zone and gain confidence. I believe Miss Universe is the most prestigious beauty pageant would be the best way for me to achieve these goals. After the WA preliminary I’ve already gained so much more than the friendships, challenge and confidence I originally set out for.

Speaking of inspiration who inspires you most? I know a lot of young women say they look up to their mothers and I truly do. My mother is the founder and director of a successful strata management company and has always been there to provide support and advice. Mum always pushes me to do that little bit more or go a little bit further.  My future goal is to establish myself as a respected businesswoman as she is and provide the same empathy, support and advice to those around me.

The Miss Universe Pageant has a long history of associating with charity are there any social causes that are particularly close to your heart that you would like to use the platform of miss universe to advance? End Polio Now is a charity I’m very passionate about. Polio is preventable through immunisation though due to poverty and limited access it still exists in three countries world wide, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Polio symptoms include fever, vomiting, muscle weakness, permanent paralysis and even death. We have the knowledge to eradicate this disease yet children are still falling ill and dying from Polio today. End Polio Now’s goal is to eradicate the disease, a feat we are so close to achieving.

What is something you hope to bring out of the Miss Universe Australia Pageant?Through the Miss Universe Australia Competition I’m hoping to walk away with a number of new relationships and networks that I can learn from and support me in achieving my future endeavours. At this stage of my life I’m very career focused and have already seen the connections I’ve made so far help me achieve within the workplace.

Now the Quick 5
What is something you find yourself always saying? “
Can we have some healthy snacks too”? Catch-ups with girl friends are often movie nights or dinners, usually an excuse to eat what our hearts desire. I’m always the one looking for an healthier way to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Your Favourite place in the world to wind down and relax? Karijini National Park, hands down! An oasis approximately 1200KM north of Perth, Kairjini is home to naturally formed gorges with waterfalls and deep clear pools for swimming. There’s no phone reception or modern conveniences, nights are spent swagging under a star lit sky.
What song would you say is your personal anthem or theme song? 
A Place in the Sun by Hoodoo Gurus. This song is about making the most of life, not being scared or waiting just getting out there and giving things a go! This band also reminds me of family, its one of our favourites, mum, dad, my brother and I will enthusiastically dance and sing along to their albums. We even saw them live together a couple of years ago.
If you could give yourself one piece of advice 5 years ago what would it be? 
Do what makes you happy. In life there are so many choices and pressures on what you can or should be doing, I believe that if you do what makes you happy you’ll find success within yourself.
And Finally five things you cant live without?
1. Family 2. Friendships 3. My cat Django 4. The ocean and outdoors 5. Fitness sessions at Regenerate and Hurt Locker.