Miss Universe Australia 2015 Finalist – Nonny Mulholland

Well, it’s that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is well underway with finalists being selected across the country.
Early next month at the Sofitel on Collins Melbourne the judging panel have the incredibly hard job of selecting the 2015 Miss Universe Australia.

Today we are chatting with finalist Nonny Mulholland from Western Australia who is one of the national finalists who will be competing for the 2015 title of Miss Universe Australia and hoping to follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Hawkins, Rachael Finch, Jesinta Campbell and last years winner Tegan Martin.

First of all the all-important introduction tell us a little about yourself…?

I currently work for a gorgeous boutique-marketing firm as a graduate marketing and office assistant. Though I come from a Public Relations and Events background I am enjoying learning about all things marketing. I also dedicate lots of time at the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, and love to volunteer at their monthly hospital BBQs.

I have a Saturday morning tradition of boxing then brunch with the girls, and love nothing more than catching up over a coffee and eggs benedict. I’m a big movie buff and am slightly obsessed with Game of Thrones.

Nonny Congratulations on making it so far in such a coveted competition! We have to ask how has the overall experience been so far…?   And how are you feelings in the lead up to the finals…?

I still pinch myself about making it to nationals; I did not expect this to happen at all. Personally, I have had the best Miss Universe experience.

The WA team has worked so hard and has been more than lovely, helpful and encouraging through doing so much for all the girls. I couldn’t thank Sophia and Troy Barbagallo enough for all they have provided us with. I have made lifelong friends throughout the competition and feel that I have also grown as a person, becoming a more confident version of myself.

I am feeling so excited for the final. I have decided to just go over and have the most fun I can while soaking up the experience. Realistically, only one girl is going to be crowned so I think it’s best to go over not being overly stressed or nervous and to just enjoy the competition.

With contestants coming from all over the country and bringing their own individual flare What do you think will set you out from the rest of the finalists competing in the 2015 competition …?
This question I always find a little difficult because all the girls are so amazing in their own individual ways. I am down to earth, easygoing, fun and loving. Australia is a multicultural country with different types of ethnicities and cultures. Being half Swazi half Australian, I believe I represent the diversity that Australia encompasses. It would be humbling to be able to encourage girls no matter what colour, race or background they may come from to believe in themselves.

What is something people might find interesting about yourself…?
While most people know me by the name Nonny, Nontokozo is actually my full name. This means Joy in Zulu.

Speaking of a person’s unique flare or style what would you say is your best style or beauty secret…? For me I always dress for what suits my body shape not necessarily what’s in fashion, I think this is important. As for a beauty secret I use a SPF 30+ face moisturizer daily. Hopefully this keeps me looking young even when I hit 40!

With Fitness becoming more and more a part of a person’s personal style how would you describe your fitness regime and how it relates to your life…? I live by making fitness apart of my daily life, with it being a habit rather than a chore. I go to Hurtlocker boxing 4-5 times a week, usually early before I start work. This definitely wakes me up in the morning.

Who or what inspired you to get involved in the Miss Universe Australia Pageant…? What drew you to such a competition….? As a little girl I remember watching the Miss Universe competition with mum. I would look at all the women and think how beautiful, intelligent and confident they were and how much I would one day love to enter. I have also watched the journey of past Miss Universe finalists and saw how fun and amazing the experience looked, with making friends, helping charities and pushing yourself to talk on stage while facing fears. I believe that life is so short and we should all push ourselves to do the things we dream of, and this is why I decided to entered.

Speaking of inspiration who inspires you most…?
My late grandmother is my biggest inspiration; she was a strong, resilient, hard working woman with the kindest heart, always willing to help people in need. She was the kind of person that would offer her own food to someone in need even if she were hungry. I only hope to one day have half the qualities she had.

The Miss Universe Pageant has a long history of associating with charity are there any social causes that are particularly close to your heart that you would like to use the platform of miss universe to advance…?
Children will always hold a special place in my heart, and interning at the Princess Margaret Hospital has really opened my eyes to the importance of health and just how we take our own health for granted. Helping ill children and their families going through such hard times is important to me and I will always continue to support the PMH Foundation in any way I can. I also feel very passionately about helping disadvantaged children in rural areas. Having visited homesteads in Swaziland and the villages in Fiji, inspiring and encouraging the youth in these areas is so important.

What is something you hope to bring out of the Miss Universe Australia Pageant…?
If I can take anything away from the pageant it would be a new found confidence within myself, and knowing I can do whatever it is I put my mind to. If I can conquer a runway and bikini I can do anything! I hope to also come out of the competition with life long friendships and memories.


Now the Quick 5

1. What is something you find yourself always saying…?

Where’s the food!

2. Your Favourite place in the world to wind down and relax…?

My family home in country town Victoria. It’s an old beautiful church house surrounded by fruit orchids and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

3. What song would you say is your personal anthem or theme song…? Honestly I can’t even choose one song! But I love anything by the Queen B (Beyonce), she’s a powerful woman and is the ultimate inspiration.

4. If you could give yourself one piece of advice 5 years ago what would it be…? Take chances, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and always believe in yourself.

5. And Finally five things you cant live without…? Mark (my boyfriend), my family, my phone, anti-frizz oil and makeup.

Miss Universe Australia 2015 Finalist - Nonny Mulholland2

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