Miss Universe Australia 2015 Finalist – Stephanie Bogovic

Well, it’s that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is well underway with finalists being selected across the country.
Early next month at the Sofitel on Collins Melbourne the judging panel have the incredibly hard job of selecting the 2015 Miss Universe Australia.

Today we are chatting with finalist Stephanie Bogovic from Victoria who is one of the national finalists who will be competing for the 2015 title of Miss Universe Australia and hoping to follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Hawkins, Rachael Finch, Jesinta Campbell and last years winner Tegan Martin.

First of all the all-important introduction tell us a little about you what you do for work, fun etc..?  I run a styling business and am a qualified makeup artist and eyelash extensionist, i love donating my services and time to charity. I do karate and there’s nothing more I love than pushing myself in the dojo. I am also a really big animal person and come home straight to my cat Batman everyday, he is just so handsome. I love to rollerblade and fishing is something I love on trips with my family! I am just about to graduate from my marketing degree at RMIT University and my long-term goal is to have my own business that gives back to the community and it’s people in so many ways where it’s needed most, while being an actress and TV personality. I prefer TV to modelling because I can bring my personality into what I do a lot more and I get to connect with people more.

Congratulations on making it so far in such a coveted competition! We have to ask how has the overall experience been so far …?   And how are you feelings in the lead up to the finals. ..? I have really thought about who I am and where I ultimately want to go, I have learnt so much in just the short two months since I was first accepted, about myself and a vast array of things. It puts a lot into perspective being in the spotlight and knowing you have such a big goal, you really learn your strengths and weaknesses, the journey has been incredible in terms of meeting all the girls, judges and sponsors. Its so amazing hearing all the girls stories and ambitions, and then getting to celebrate them throughout the journey together as a team up on stage and on social media.

With contestants coming from all over the country and bringing their own individual flare, What do you think will set you out from the rest of the finalists competing in the 2015 competition …?
I feel that there is so much variety this year and its refreshing. I know that I am already set apart from each of the girls because of who I am naturally, and the same with each of them, we all have our own original flavour. I think I am really able to communicate without words, through my style and my attitude and I really think its important to be able to capture peoples attention and then you are able to reach them on a deeper level. I’m always up with a smile and I can laugh at everything, and that’s what people connect to, somebody who is just comfortable in their own spirit and it really rubs off onto people who come across you.

What is something people might find interesting about yourself …?
I am currently growing my hair to donate to charity, I wanted to show that there is always something we can do to help out others. When I posted the decision on social media, I had so many messages even surprisingly from men who said that I had inspired them to do the same because it costs them nothing. Another thing is people tend to be really shocked at the amount of food I eat, there is so much focus around being curvier and skinny isn’t socially acceptable anymore, automatically people assume you are unhealthy if you are skinny. This is definitely not my case, my lifestyle is so active and upbeat that everything disappears into thin air! I think all body types are beautiful as long as you are true and healthy.

Speaking of a person’s unique flare or style what would you say is your best style or beauty secret …?
i love playing with fashion and I have learnt that its not so much what you wear, its how you wear it, meaning the attitude you have and confidence you carry can sway anybody into what you are wearing or doing.

With Fitness becoming more and more a part of a person’s personal style how would you describe your fitness regime and how it relates to your life …?
Fitness and health is everything to me, from the second I wake up to the second I fall asleep. Gone are the days where fitness is just a gym and a treadmill, things have changed so much and have become such a social activity where it’s about pushing new boundaries and being creative. Just about anything goes nowadays and that to me is brilliant,
I do karate to keep fit and I feel so empowered while being able to use the skills in real life, its gruelling and sweaty but so invigorating, and people are always so surprised when they find out.

Who or what inspired you to get involved in the Miss Universe Australia Pageant …? What drew you to such a competition ….?
I really love the healthy positive image it promotes and represents, and its so great that the young women of Australia get the chance to celebrate and honour their achievements with their friends, family and wider community. Its about taking that leap to put your self out there and there is so much to be learnt from everybody involved in the journey

Speaking of inspiration who inspires you most …?
I love to keep and open mind and naturally find inspiration from everywhere. But I really love Stephanie Gilmore, she is the perfect Australian girl and is representing her nation on a global scale in a sport (surfing) that was predominantly male-dominated in the past. She paved the way for other women to be involved in and choose paths that women didn’t typically pursue in the past. She was also attacked on her way home by a man and she shared here story how she was held back from competing, hit rock bottom and was so scared and let it rule over her life and emotions. She chose to take back control of her life and It gave so many other women in difficult situations the courage to realise they weren’t alone and to speak up and make a change for themselves.  And my next inspiration is Jesinta Campbell, I love how you can’t help but smile when you meet her, she has so much style, beauty and the brains to match.

The Miss Universe Pageant has a long history of associating with charity are there any social causes that are particularly close to your heart that you would like to use the platform of miss universe to advance …?
With the styling business I run, my team and I go out on many ventures and do our best to help make women who are ill or recovering from illness by doing their hair and makeup for events that are important to them. We also work with high schools and help out young girls who don’t have mothers, or are in unfortunate situations and need some help when it comes deb or school formal time. I particularly love the smith family organisation, they help young children in need achieve their goals through education and provide them encouragement, motivation and the essentials to be able to create a better future for themselves.

What is something you hope to bring out of the Miss Universe Australia Pageant …?
I already know I have definitely taken so many valuable things from the pageant, I just hope that I cant inspire other people to take a step in a direction they never usually would, to get out of their comfort zones to somewhere they have never been before. I am so grateful for all the friendships I have made and the new people I have met, I love meeting people, everybody has something fresh they bring to life and that’s inspiring.

Now the Quick 5

What is something you find yourself always saying …?
Let’s go watch a movie! I am such a movie freak, I love the different stories, the actors, the art, the creativity, just all of it. I  feel like even though I am sharing the experience with someone, I still get me time as well.

Your Favourite place in the world to wind down and relax …?
My favourite place in the world is where ever the people who are most important to me are. I am a firm believer that people make the journey, not the destination.

What song would you say is your personal anthem or theme song …?
I personally don’t have an anthem, but I really love Otis Redding and his music from the 1960’s. It is just so full of soul and spirit I can’t help but sing along!

If you could give yourself one piece of advice 5 years ago what would it be …?
I really used to take things far too seriously, and I have learnt that there is always a way around everything and nothing is set in concrete. I live my life by the idea that when you start to love life, it loves you back.

And Finally five things you cant live without …?
My cat Batman, travelling because you get to see so much vast original beauty,  exercise because it is so good for the mind and body, desert because its soothes the soul and comes in so many different ways, and my family because they are there for me through everything and I am there for them.

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