Miss Universe Australia – Finalist interview Selene Coase of QLD

 Congratulations on making it so far in the coveted Miss Universe competition.. Tell us a little something about yourself?
Thankyou I am so excited to have made it this far! 🙂 My name is Selene Coase I am a 20 year old Student from North Queensland (Cairns) and this year I moved to Brisbane where I am studying a Business Fashion Marketing Degree. I love beaches, the sun and rock climbing.

Why did you get involved in Miss Universe? What drew you to such a competition?
I wanted to do this competition as I believe and I push myself to take every opportunity possible in life.
In the recent years Miss Universe Australia has become such a coveted and fun competition to participate in and offers women such great opportunities I could not pass it up!

What do you do for work?
I am full time student and I also work part time in retail.

 We now live in an age where women are world leaders and trailblazers. With that in mind, how do you think miss universe, a competition based largely on looks contributes to the women’s movement?
I think a competition like Miss Universe has risen above the stereotype of being superficial and being based around looks – the women that have been represented Australia such as Jesinta Campbell, Renae Ayris and Scherri Lee Biggs have all been intelligent, beautiful and strong women. I would not have entered this competition if I thought it was just based just on looks. I believe that this competition empowers women – it gives them a platform to voice their opinions on issues that are happening in the world and in Australia.

 In a time of celeb-culture where we know nearly as much about celebrities as our real-world friends, who is your favourite celeb figure and why?
I have a bit of a crush on Jennifer Lawrence – she is so talented and funny and is so natural and real in front of the camera. She is a big inspiration for me

 How would you use your voice or platform purposefully if you take out the crown of Miss Universe?
If I was to win the crown I would help campaign for Operation Smile which is an international children’s medical charity. I would be so proud to work for such an amazing charity.

There is obviously much pressure associated with being in a beauty pageant, what are your secrets to coping with the stress?
There is quite a bit of pressure and preparation doing this pageant but I thrive on being under pressure so it does bring out the best in me. My number one secret to stress release is to go for a jog. I just run and run. And a block of dark chocolate does wonders as well 😉

Speaking of secrets, do you have any health and beauty secrets you would like to share with us?
Health and Beauty go hand in hand – my advice would be more is less and less is more. Let your skin breathe and don’t weigh it down with heavy makeup and products.

With the view that beauty pageants are all about empowering women, what do you think is the essence of being a woman?
These are such great thought provoking questions! The essence of a woman is life. I believe a combination of qualities such as confidence, compassion and intelligence to name a few. You truly have to be comfortable in your own skin to feel powerful.

You can often tell a lot from someone biggest role mode/icon/legend.. Who is yours and why?

My biggest role model is a bit cliché but it is my mother – she is an incredibly smart and beautiful women and she has been such a positive influence in my life. My icon that I idolize would have to be Elle Mcpherson – she is such powerful figure and she has not let other people rule her life for her – she has taken control of it and made herself into a living legend for young women all around the world.


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