Miss Universe QLD Finalist Interview – Chentelle Chua

Miss Universe QLD Finalist Interview - Chentelle Chua

Well, Autumn is in full swing, and It’s also that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is well underway with state finalists being announced across the country.

So we thought it would be a perfect time to kick off some home state interviews with Chentelle Chua. Congratulations on making it through to the state finals, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Thank you so much! I honestly can’t believe I made it through like it’s so surreal that I’m even being interviewed right now. Anyway, I guess I should start with my name. My name’s Chentelle , I’m 18 years old, I was born in Adelaide, but we moved to Queensland when I was 8 and both my parents are Filipino. I recently just graduated from New York Film Academy studying Acting, and since then I’ve been doing short films, extra work in feature films, photo shoots and earning money by doing Brand Ambassador and Promotional work.

We all have motivations, Mine usually revolves around coffee but what was your key motivation for entering the MUA competition?

Well, I only found out about Miss Universe the day before registration. I got an email from my modelling agent Marz saying that it was tomorrow night and I was freaking out in the car! I didn’t have a dress to wear (I mean I had a lot, but you know how it is), I didn’t have money for a dress, and I didn’t know what Miss Universe was all about. But the one thing I did know was that I had to enter. As nervous as I was my motivation was thinking about the experience I’d be gaining and just being able to say that I at least gave it a go regardless of the outcome…and I’m super glad I did.

What part of the Miss Universe Australia program are you most looking forward to?

I think I’m mostly looking forward to meeting new people and building friendships with the other girls. I ran into Laura (another finalist) the other day coincidentally, and she was so lovely, so I’m definitely looking forward to meeting the rest.

We are all unique so what would you say is something that makes you stand out from the other contestants?

I haven’t had the privilege of knowing any of the other girls yet, so I’m not too sure if they like the smell of freshly vacuumed rooms or mash potato as much as I do. But from memory, I didn’t hear anyone else say that they’ve studied Acting so I’d say that’s what makes me stand out.

With the state finals, less than a fortnight away, has your routine changed at all?

It’s changed so much! I’ve stopped eating junk food completely, and I’ve started eating healthy, nourishing food which 100% has not been easy but I’m finding that it’s getting easier with every day that passes. I’ve been drinking more water than I
used to and exercising more too. It’s been a huge change in my life, but I’m grateful that I did it because I feel so much better about myself.

What is something that you hope to bring out of the Miss Universe Australia pageant?

I think experience is the main thing and some more friends. It’s surreal enough that I’ve made Top 28 so everything after this is a blessing.

We will wrap up with a few irrelevant and random questions, now that my coffee has worn off.
Name five things you can’t live without?

Okay since you said it,

I. My family and friends (can that be one) II. Food and Water
III. My phone
IV. Coffee
V. Movies

How long does it take you to scroll through Facebook before giving up?

Look if I haven’t seen a meme for about 30 seconds then I lock my phone

How would your closest friend describe you?

Well I just texted our group chat, and they sent me back the following:

“You’re confident and take the initiative. You’re funny, and you get my jokes.” “You’re outgoing, giving, loud, bubbly, fun, annoying (wow)”
“You have a positive mindset like if you want something you’ll do absolutely everything to get it.”
“You’re friendly to everyone you meet, very organized and competitive” “You’re a go-getter telle, that’s what I love about you.”
Thanks, Rose, Sinead and James xxx

When You Dance, You look like?

Probably Tellytubbys, not gonna lie.

Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention… What do you think pets dream about?

They probably dream about their past lives or alternate universes that their soul has lived in. Or I mean they just dream of food.

So not long now until this highly anticipated event that will see 28 of QLD’s most beautiful women compete to secure a spot as a QLD National Finalist, and go on to compete in and represent QLD in the Miss Universe Australia National Final. Get Your Ticket Here

Miss Universe QLD Finalist Interview - Chentelle Chua

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