Miss Universe QLD Finalist Interview – Eve West

Miss Universe QLD Finalist Interview - Eve West

Well, Autumn is in full swing, and It’s also that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is well underway with state finalists being announced across the country.

So we thought it would be a perfect time to kick off some home state interviews with Eve West. Congratulations on making it through to the state finals, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

My name is Eve; I am 21 years old. I was born and bread in Brisbane Bayside, hence why I grew up loving the beach. I spend a lot of my spare time over at Stradbroke Island, enjoying the beach and what the island has to offer. I have also volunteered as a Surf Life Saver for about eight years. When I am not at the beach, I am also studying at University. I am currently in my last semester of a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland, and when I finish this, I plan on going into Medicine, to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. I have always wanted to be a doctor, however, in 2013, I was involved in a large rescue and resuscitation over at Stradbroke Island when I was volunteering on patrol. I was awarded a National Bravery Award for my efforts and was a large turning point in my dream of becoming an emergency doctor.

We all have motivations, Mine usually revolves around coffee but what was your key motivation for entering the MUA competition?

I have always loved what the MUA competition is about. I think that it defines what beauty is. I think that it teaches young women that there is more to beauty than just looks and that it’s about who they are. For me, this is a really important message in today’s society. I think that this program opens up the doors to meeting some amazing girls, along with teaching and creating awareness about confidence in yourself. I think today’s society and social media can be pretty hard on young aspiring women and who they “should be”, and I believe this program puts a new lease on that.

What part of the Miss Universe Australia program are you most looking forward to?

To be honest, I am most looking forward making friends and creating memories with such a great bunch of girls.

We are all unique so what would you say is something that makes you stand out from the other contestants?

When I was 17 I went through a very traumatic experience ( resuscitation), and ever since then life struck me in the face. I just realised ever to take anything for granted, and to appreciate life, and every day. There aren’t many people who can say that, and who have been through that experience, so I think that if anything, that experience has made me a better, more caring person, to take life and everyone that comes into it, wholeheartedly.

Also, I love to be weird, and show my true colours! So probably my weirdness, and sarcastic sense of humour 🙂

With the state finals, less than a fortnight away, has your routine changed at all?

It hasn’t changed too much, but I have just been making more of an effort to fuel my body with good foods, lots of water, and making sure I do some exercise every day. Even if it is just taking the dogs for a walk, and then the dogs benefit!

What is something that you hope to bring out of the Miss Universe Australia pageant?

I’m hoping to gain the opportunity to discover my strengths and build on them and to perfect them. But to also discover my weaknesses and to turn them into strengths.

We will wrap up with a few irrelevant and random questions, now that my coffee has worn off.
Name five things you can’t live without?

Chocolate (who couldn’t)
Ice cream
My dog
My boyfriend

How long does it take you to scroll through Facebook before giving up?

about 5-10 minutes, I get bored easily

How would your closest friend describe you?

Probably, Caring, down to earth, weird? funny. The rest would be what I want to describe myself as haha

When You Dance, You look like?

An octopus

Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention… What do you think pets dream about?

My dog is obsessed with chasing Gecko’s and Birds. So 100% she would dream about that.

So not long now until this highly anticipated event that will see 28 of QLD’s most beautiful women compete to secure a spot as a QLD National Finalist, and go on to compete in and represent QLD in the Miss Universe Australia National Final. Get Your Ticket Here


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